Reason 337: Because Every Child Is Unique


Here is an excellent article that talks about what it’s like being a homeschooling Mom:

I Don’t Owe Public Schools My Time

It starts by expanding on the title. But then she goes into one condensed point after another that addresses the advantages of homeschooling and why everyone is qualified to do it. Here are a few of those points:

When I started homeschooling, I had to write down all math problems and I even used my fingers to count sometimes.  I can now do complex mental math problems.  I learned as my kids learned.

I love this one because I have experienced it myself. You will learn with your children. And it’s fun!

You see, I am not a fountain of knowledge.  I don’t want my children to see education as something that should be spoon fed from a teacher.  I want them to see education as the process of learning.  Sometimes that learning process is messy.  Sometimes answers must be sought out.  Sometimes they ask questions that have no answers yet.

Awesome! The thing is, no one is a fountain of knowledge, not even the “certified” teacher down at the schoolhouse. “Knowledge” is a facade, and many times it’s a lie, especially when it comes to things like evolution. We know some things. We have faith in other things. And when those things in which faith is required are taught as scientific fact, it is a lie.

I celebrate uniqueness.  2nd grade for one child will look very different than 2nd grade for another child.  Each child’s abilities, interests, and learning methods are considered when I come up with our learning plans.

The whole grade level thing is a conveyor belt method. Or, as she puts it, “…I learned that grade level distinctions and learning standards are designed for the masses and not for the individual.”

But there’s much more to homeschooling than what she addresses here. Much more. You actually get to watch your children grow up. You have more control over their peers at earlier ages. You have much more time to indoctrinate them, and the schoolhouse has zero time to indoctrinate them.


Just as a note, I would strongly disagree with one thing this writer says:

The public school system is based on the Prussian model of education that inspires group thinking and nationalism.

This may have at one time been true, but public school is extremely anti-nationalism in our current time. (click on “nationalism” in the “categories” to the right to see more on this.)

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  1. We got started homeschooling when our daughter was in 9th grade and son in 6th. We can certainly confirm some of her thoughts. The best thing was moving along at the pace of our kids and not at the pace of their peers. Our daughter had to work in teams in some of her classes and she was always carrying the load, which she saw as highly unfair. Both kids were put into “accelerated” classes because they were always ahead of their peers; it seems we “homeschooled” without knowing it during their whole growing up!

    They got so much better education when we took them out of school!

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