Reason 341: Because The Schoolhouse Is The Nanny In The State, And She Will Destroy Your Sons

Boys are in trouble. If your son is like many, perhaps even most sons, he’ll Peter-Pan it until he’s well into his thirties; sitting in the basement playing video games and checking out porn sites. The schoolhouse will do everything in its power to turn him into a feminine, castrated little man who sees himself as a victim of whatever evil there is out there that he’s most prone to be afraid of. In short, the schoolhouse will become the boy’s nanny, and train him to serve the nanny state, and to depend on his husband, the state, to care for and protect him, and to provide him will millions of regulations so that he can never do anything that would hurt himself.

Here we have an article by Jim Daly that’s not about school, per se.  It’s about boys. Let it reintroduce you to the increasingly foreign concepts of risk, danger, and manhood.

The Danger of Over-Protecting Boys

It’s dangerous for your boys. In adolescence, they’ll be confronted with the risk of pornography or face the danger of unhealthy relationships. They’ll need the courage and strength to resist those temptations.

It’s dangerous for the culture as well. The Lord calls good men to risk by going into places like Thailand or Amsterdam and rescuing women from sex trafficking … or by standing with courage in the public square and kicking down walls of untruth … or by going into the world and being a light for Christ.

The bumps and scrapes boys get by risking early in life prepare them for the world they’ll face when they’re older. The church won’t survive without good men in leadership who will risk. And the culture won’t survive if good men are afraid to risk and speak the truth.

As the article states, we need boys to become men. The nanny-state schoolhouse will do everything in its power to prevent that. Real men are difficult to enslave, and the state sees that as a negative, but for you, it will be a positive.

I’ve also written  here  in an economics blog that speaks of the same thing.

…and also here in another blog.

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