Reason 345: Because The Consequences Of Your Ignorance Can Be Fatal

Here is a very, very sad story:

13-Year-Old Kills Himself and Leaves Heartbreaking Note After School ‘Does Nothing’ To Stop Bullies

This poor child was not sheltered. He was supposed to go into an institution that taught him that he was nothing but a sack of chemicals, and he was supposed to be toughened up anyway rather than just give up. But he didn’t. He took his own life.

Parents underestimate the brutality in the schoolhouse by the little barbarians learning to be big barbarians. There’s no way you can know everything your child’s going through.  And there’s nothing you can do about it even if you did. (see yesterday’s article) His most poignant indictment was that “the teachers did nothing.”

I know that this isn’t common, at least the suicide part of it. But I also know that the bullying is very common. And I personally would not take solace in the fact that my child went through this, and yet didn’t kill himself.  Better for him not to go through it at all in my opinion. My heart aches for every child thrown into the grim world of the institution.

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