Reason 346: Because Words Mean Things

I’ve spoken here before of what I call the “confederacy of evil”. That simply means that the butchers at Planned Parenthood are no different than the democrat party, and that the democrat party is no different than the LGBT, and that the LGBT is no different than the NEA, and so on. They’re all one. They’re a confederacy of evil. They are the education institution.

And since the democrat party is in complete control of the schoolhouse, you can bet that the so-called historical aspect of the first woman president has been beaten into their heads ad-nauseam. But it is a self-contradicting message that your children are hearing because words mean things.

School District Says Children Shouldn’t Be Called Boys or Girls

You can read the article if you like, but the title says it all. Boy doesn’t mean boy and girl doesn’t mean girl, unless they say it does… I guess.

Does it take a critical thinker to see the self-contradiction? Can the confederacy of evil have it any old way they want? The answer, why yes they can, because they have indoctrinated millions to be unthinking and uncritical. Does no one see that if boy and girl are meaningless, then so is the first “woman” president.

This is not healthy. In fact, it’s sick. And it will make its way into your child’s mind, and in your child’s mind, you will have helped put it there because you are affirming what is taught in school simply because you send your child there to be taught. But there is a better way to raise your children. First, keep them far far away from the confederacy of evil.


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2 responses to “Reason 346: Because Words Mean Things

  1. Do you know how many genders there officially are? Over 200.

  2. … and counting. Which can only mean we have really bad “officials”.

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