Reason 347: Because This Is Coming, Sooner Than You Think

It seems like it’s been no time at all since people were promising me that two men would never be able to get married in the U.S. Of course, they still can’t because it would be impossible. But the state doesn’t see it that way, and it’ll do everything in its power to make your children not see it that way either.

Now, in our present day,  people are promising that pedophilia will never be acceptable. But, of course, they’re wrong. It will. And the schoolhouse is where it will be pushed, softly at first, and then with the iron fist of government later.

I can remember reading articles like this one, except they were about homosexuality then:

Social Conservatives Speak Out Against Book That Suggests Morality of Pedophilia Is ‘Unclear’

You are sending your children to an institution that has proven itself morally bankrupt, and worse. What great moral wall of protection does the institution possess that stands between this mentality and the thousands of children corralled into a compound?  Answer: None? It possesses no wall at all. Even now, the worst it can say about your child being molested is that such things are “inappropriate”.  Does that strike confidence and security into your hearts regarding your children? You should be afraid if you’re sending your child to public school. Very afraid indeed.


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  1. That is because the experts that count for something out there, did research by sexually abusing children, so they do not see what the harm was there.

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