Reason 354: For The Same Reason You Would Not Let A Rotten Doctor Operate On Your Child

The story today is rich. It shows why the school system is a failure from top to bottom, and also the confederacy evil that will ensure that it will ever fail your children in multifaceted ways. It shows how much the schoolhouse is a money laundering scheme that starts with your wallet and ends with Democrats. And it does it all this in one tweet-sized “article”.  This is the tweet:

In a victory for teacher unions, California Supreme Court decides to let the state’s teacher tenure law stand.

The liberal AP is the source for this tweet and true to fashion it speaks in positive terms using the word “victory”. But victory for who? The children? Of course not you dummy. The “teachers” are the victors. But not all teachers. No, only rotten teachers.  And any time there is a “victor” there has to be a loser. Those losers would be the children.

Also notice that this is, again, top down from the highest levels of the bell weather state, California. It shows the raw power held in the hands of the teacher.s unions, and it shows why every parent ought to do what it takes to rescue their children from the trainwreck that is the institution.

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