Reason 358: Because Bureaucracies Fail, Especially If They’re Unionized Bureaucracies

The Wall Street Journal has a gem of an article and well written. And it goes to show the extent to which folly can be well written, but then only becomes well-written folly. And of course, well-written folly is much easier on the palate.

Clinton Abandons the Middle on Education

The article starts by looking like a fine Republican article, and if your only hope in life is to have the Republican Party win elections, I suppose it’s as good an article as any. But let’s look underneath the covers at the maggots, shall we?

I’ll do this by comparing premises.

  • The author’s premise: The Democrats are married to the teacher’s unions.

Well duh.

  • My premise: It’s too late to matter that the union’s are running the schoolhouse.

The question you need to answer, if your children are in the institution, is, how long has this been a problem? The answer, by the way, is, a very long time. So how many children have been indoctrinated into Secular Humanism, moral relativism, and have gotten a shoddy education to boot in the decades that have passed with this known problem? As I’ve said here before, and as I wish the WSJ understood too, when you see a building on fire with your children in it, you don’t make your attempts to put out the fire your number one priority. No, rescuing the children is your first priority, and then, and only then, do you attempt to save the building. For many reasons that are beyond the scope of this blog, you can give up on the schoolhouse. It’s burning down. You need to go rescue your children.

  • The author’s premise: If bad teachers could be fired, education would get better.

The school system is a complex thing, and it’s problems transcend bad teachers.

  • My premise: If every single teacher was an excellent teacher it would do very little if anything to save the schoolhouse.

The institution is acting like what it is; a Secular Humanist temple. Good teachers can teach evil better than bad teachers. Good people who are teachers can’t teach morals at all because it’s illegal to teach anything that the god/state doesn’t approve of.  And the god/state approves of teaching some generalized and undefined idea of social justice, which is just a euphemism for Marxism. It approves of tolerating aberrant behavior as righteous, and those who call it sin as unrighteous. It approves of earth and government worship, and it approves of the killing, dicing and selling of unborn children. It does not approve of the Republican party, and it still wouldn’t even if Republicans won elections, which is increasingly unlikely because Republicans have ceded all future voters over to a Democrat run education system.

There’s a lot to this article, and I’d recommend reading it. Not because you think it does a great job pointing out Hillary’s faults, but because it points out just have failed the entire school system is, and how hopeless is the idea of fixing it given the masses of people who have already been indoctrinated by it.

I’ll leave you with one excerpt at the end:

It isn’t clear who wrote these lines in the Democratic Party platform. But teachers unions have for years battled testing, accountability and merit pay. They push parental “opt out” as a backdoor way to kill testing, and the unions are doing their best to prevent charter schools from expanding. On discipline policies, the support is coming from civil-rights groups and the Obama administration.

If the views of rank-and-file Democrats don’t count, and party leaders care little about the political center, it’s hard to see how Mrs. Clinton could turn victory into a governing majority.

Most of the people who vote for Clinton won’t have a clue about who she is, or what she’s done, and they won’t care. She’s a Democrat and that’s all they’ve been taught that they need to know. Any attempt to point out her corruption will simply be seen as typical presidential politics. But that last line is mind boggling. If the author doesn’t understand how she could govern without support, he’s been living under a rock for the last 8 years at least. She will be the little tyrant just fine, and every problem she causes will successfully be blamed on her political enemies, and all the while you’re children will be trained to buy her line as well as every successor’s line while your tax dollars will ensure more of the same in the schoolhosue and worse.

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