I Wonder If It Ever Occurred To This Dad That Maybe He Shouldn’t Have Sent His Daughter There In The First Place?

After Bullies Leave Daughter Looking Like This, Dad Reacts Swiftly

From the story:


One question that this raises is the question of this poor girl’s sexual orientation; well that question along with another concerning reality.  That question goes something like this: If something happens, and the media doesn’t go on a crusade with wall-to-wall coverage, did it really happen?

To clarify let me put it another way. Do you really believe that this would be an obscure local story if the poor girl had been a lesbian, or worse, because gay is so late 90’s, a so-called “transgender”?  I would recon not. She would become a poster child for the reasons that no one, under any circumstances, should ever oppose the latest folly being advanced in the schoolhouse for the next generation.

But for now, this girl, and the thousands like her who are bullied every day in the school house, the existence of which challenges the narrative of the institution that only gender-dysphoric children are ever bullied, will have to continue to endure their harsh treatment unnoticed.


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