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The State Continues Hugh Hefner’s Legacy

When you live in a society with the most depraved and disturbing forms of pornography just a click away for anyone with so much as a cell phone–which the majority of high school students and probably middle school students have in their possession–then one must admit that what this video presents borders on purity in comparison. But, does a father really want his daughter dressed and acting like this before an audience? Obviously the state does. These young girls can dress like prostitutes and strut like pole dancers, and it’s all… what shall I call it? Appropriate? Who knows? Maybe the state can solve some of its bloated, education-bureaucracy, money-woes by having leering men come forward and stick bills in these poor girl’s garters. That sounds like the ticket.

For young adults to behave badly is one thing. We are all, after all, children of Adam. And when the state condones vice, that’s one thing too. It does, after all, teach that it is the final arbiter of morality, and it can just deem this activity as moral by labeling anyone who disagrees as a regressive, Bible-thumping prude who is probably also a homophobic, racist, bigot, blah, blah, blah. But what about you, the parent? Are you OK with sending your child to an institution like this, that’s just honky dory with this at its highest offices, for an “education”?


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