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Why Did They Bother To Stop There?

When a nation is in decline it shows up in a host of ways. One of those ways is a decline in the nation’s standards of decency. It works this way, restraints are cast off, then the written standards are revised to reflect the new standards–because imposing standards on a rebellious bunch is no fun at all. Leading the way in all of this, of course, is the school house.

It looks like California’s Alameda Unified School District is caught between a rock — trying to indoctrinate your children into Secular Humanism–and a hard place–feminist’s complaining about “body-shaming”. It appears to have thrown in the towel by setting its standards of dress slightly below a 1970’s era burlesque show. But not to worry. They still have their standards. The girls can’t go completely naked. The lucky residents in this school district will be able to sleep tonight knowing their daughters can dress like pole-dancers without having to worry about being called sluts… at least not by the administrators, who, if they are male, might actually be looking forward to this.

New Dress Code for California School District: Must Cover Genitals, Buttocks, and Nipples





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Education Is For Girls, Silly Boy

My wife and I were walking through our neighborhood recently and had a chance to strike up a conversation with a mother of three in her front yard. She said she had been a teacher and decided to quit in order to be with her own children. She happened to mention in passing that she felt sorry for the boys in public school, as it seemed to her that the institution was designed for girls who appeared to fare better sitting at their desks and completing assignments. It wasn’t a protest. She didn’t strike me as anyone who would consider homeschooling. She simply said it in passing.

My hope is, however, that before her own children are old enough to start school, that she will come to her senses. I also hope I’ll have more chances to persuade her. But she was right. Boys were not designed to sit at desks all day. Their minds and bodies need to spend a fair amount of time doing. It has been my experience that the institution wastes most of the day in the early years of education, and perhaps in the later years also. We were ourselves, able to get much more across in much less time. We also had the freedom–and the time to spare– to send our son out to run around the yard when he was restless. And we did it without a mountain of hierarchical red tape, and a one-size-fits-all formulation of a program to pull it off.

Parents are their children’s best teachers. There’s just no getting around that.

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Behold, Your Future

Below is a video that looks at the influence of homosexual ideology in public schools.

It occurred to me as I watched this, that the teachers were somewhat young. This reminded me that GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Education Network) which is basically the public-school indoctrination arm of the LGBT + whatever group, was making inroads into the public schools through the DOE when Bill Clinton was president. The Wikipedia link above shows a timeline, and sure enough, Clinton was meeting with GLSEN in 1997.

That was about twenty years ago. So do the math. Keep in mind that many of the teachers in this video are the payoff for the GLSEN investment two decades earlier. These teachers are only advancing what they themselves learned, and then a little more. That’s how it works. That’s how you take a country from a view of traditional marriage as the norm, to the same view being wicked and worthy of punishment within a half-century, or about two generations. It’s a generational thing.

Keep in mind as you watch this video that these children, sooner than you think, will be the teachers, and they’ll be teaching far more than they are being taught. Perhaps pedophilia or incest? Once you reject all known human history as a guide, then nothing ought to be left off the table.


However, a generation or two ago a parent who then rejected this nonsense might be given a pass for sending their children into its bowels.  This is not so today. Everyone who sends their child into this indoctrination process knows what they are doing. Their hopes are that it will be different for their own children. Education, after all, is the idol. If their children grow up and achieve that materialistic dream, then who cares how warped their morality became in the process? We can be sure of this, the parents are going to put their children where their hearts are.

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Do Muslims Sing?

After reading this article discussing inclusivity, and how inclusive the institution is… Just kidding!!  Actually, as I read the article I couldn’t help but wonder if Muslims had a book of songs. Of course, I didn’t have to wonder, if there were Islamic songs, if those songs would be allowed in the institution. What mealy-mouthed, institution, bureaucrat would dare say no? From the article:

The Sky Mountain Charter School in Riverside County asked Dimitra Solomos to become a “vendor” for the school, which would allow families to use extracurricular funds to pay for piano lessons rather than using out-of-pocket expenses.

Solomos agreed and completed a background check, got a business license, and completed the other application requirements.

The charter school’s management company approved her application, but told her that they prohibited teaching religious music, like hymns.

Solomos said many old-school hymns are in beginning piano method books. But the school said she needed to tear out those pages or cover them up. When Solomos reminded the school of the historical and methodical importance of such songs, the school reversed her acceptance and denied her application.

The institution is anti-Christ to the core. We know that the red carpet is rolled out for the butchers at Planned Parenthood, Islam, and the purveyors of perversions and gender confusion. But the name of Jesus is repulsive?

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An Escapee From The Plantation

Candice Owens has given it a little thought outside the narrative and found there’s a whole lot going on that she didn’t know. She nails the institutions of education for feeding her a line of narrative BS. So, you don’t want your children to grow up being taught that they are victims whose salvation can only be found by buying whatever line that the rich, power-hungry, happy-to-enslave elite feed them? Then get them out of their institutions.

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Well Surprise​, Surprise, Surprise!

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