Do Muslims Sing?

After reading this article discussing inclusivity, and how inclusive the institution is… Just kidding!!  Actually, as I read the article I couldn’t help but wonder if Muslims had a book of songs. Of course, I didn’t have to wonder, if there were Islamic songs, if those songs would be allowed in the institution. What mealy-mouthed, institution, bureaucrat would dare say no? From the article:

The Sky Mountain Charter School in Riverside County asked Dimitra Solomos to become a “vendor” for the school, which would allow families to use extracurricular funds to pay for piano lessons rather than using out-of-pocket expenses.

Solomos agreed and completed a background check, got a business license, and completed the other application requirements.

The charter school’s management company approved her application, but told her that they prohibited teaching religious music, like hymns.

Solomos said many old-school hymns are in beginning piano method books. But the school said she needed to tear out those pages or cover them up. When Solomos reminded the school of the historical and methodical importance of such songs, the school reversed her acceptance and denied her application.

The institution is anti-Christ to the core. We know that the red carpet is rolled out for the butchers at Planned Parenthood, Islam, and the purveyors of perversions and gender confusion. But the name of Jesus is repulsive?

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