Behold, Your Future

Below is a video that looks at the influence of homosexual ideology in public schools.

It occurred to me as I watched this, that the teachers were somewhat young. This reminded me that GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Education Network) which is basically the public-school indoctrination arm of the LGBT + whatever group, was making inroads into the public schools through the DOE when Bill Clinton was president. The Wikipedia link above shows a timeline, and sure enough, Clinton was meeting with GLSEN in 1997.

That was about twenty years ago. So do the math. Keep in mind that many of the teachers in this video are the payoff for the GLSEN investment two decades earlier. These teachers are only advancing what they themselves learned, and then a little more. That’s how it works. That’s how you take a country from a view of traditional marriage as the norm, to the same view being wicked and worthy of punishment within a half-century, or about two generations. It’s a generational thing.

Keep in mind as you watch this video that these children, sooner than you think, will be the teachers, and they’ll be teaching far more than they are being taught. Perhaps pedophilia or incest? Once you reject all known human history as a guide, then nothing ought to be left off the table.


However, a generation or two ago a parent who then rejected this nonsense might be given a pass for sending their children into its bowels.  This is not so today. Everyone who sends their child into this indoctrination process knows what they are doing. Their hopes are that it will be different for their own children. Education, after all, is the idol. If their children grow up and achieve that materialistic dream, then who cares how warped their morality became in the process? We can be sure of this, the parents are going to put their children where their hearts are.

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