Why Did They Bother To Stop There?

When a nation is in decline it shows up in a host of ways. One of those ways is a decline in the nation’s standards of decency. It works this way, restraints are cast off, then the written standards are revised to reflect the new standards–because imposing standards on a rebellious bunch is no fun at all. Leading the way in all of this, of course, is the school house.

It looks like California’s Alameda Unified School District is caught between a rock — trying to indoctrinate your children into Secular Humanism–and a hard place–feminist’s complaining about “body-shaming”. It appears to have thrown in the towel by setting its standards of dress slightly below a 1970’s era burlesque show. But not to worry. They still have their standards. The girls can’t go completely naked. The lucky residents in this school district will be able to sleep tonight knowing their daughters can dress like pole-dancers without having to worry about being called sluts… at least not by the administrators, who, if they are male, might actually be looking forward to this.

New Dress Code for California School District: Must Cover Genitals, Buttocks, and Nipples





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