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“If you feel incapable of teaching your own children it’s because you were taught that you were not capable”

Great video:

More quotes:

  • Homeschooling seems like a radical idea. Why? Because we are [indoctrinated]  (my word, not hers, but still the same thing)   to think that way.
  • But instead [of being self-learners] public schools teach children that they must be
  • in a classroom with an instructor to learn.  (Why? Because the institution is first and foremost about power and union jobs, not teaching your children.)
  • [Public school children] only know what they’ve been taught, and can not think for themselves, so anything that challenges their worldview is perceived as hostile… (ever wonder why disagreement has become synonymous with hate?)
  • Public school forms a wedge between the child and the parent.
  • The school challenges the parent’s authority from day one. (And parents help. By sending their child to the government indoctrinators, the child can only see that as their endorsement of the indoctrinators)
  • Parents surrender their children to literal strangers. (There was a time when this was not necessarily true. A parent could at least have a little confidence that the worldview of the “strangers” would be somewhat in step with their own. Nothing could be further from the truth in this age. Not only is the parent handing their children to strangers, he is also handing his children off to people who are strange.)
  • Instead of utterly enervating, homeschooling is empowering. (The institution goes on about  “empowerment”. But it is beholden to Marxist empowerment which only prepares them for slavery and submission to the state while promising a Utopian paradise of equality.  If you want to truly empower your children, keep them far away from the institution.)
  • Have you ever done homework with your child? Then you’ve homeschooled. (The great thing is, however, that since the institution is so inefficient and distracted, and has higher priorities to indoctrinate your child into Marxism, sodomy, radical feminism, perversions, and America-hatred, that they’re already being homeschooled by you in the evenings, it’s just called homework. Why not remove the garbage from your child’s education? Remove the institution.) 

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Because They’re Laughing At You

I would laugh too if what is happening was not so terrible. Stories like these make me wonder, what will it take? What the institution is doing, and will do to your children, is not secret. There’s no attempt to even hide it. Yet these parents think they’re going to demand that this massive, bloated, evil, anti-Christ bureaucracy to stop doing the very thing that it sees itself as existing to do? Again, I would laugh.

Here’s the story:

700 Parents Show Up to School Board Meeting to Demand School Stop Pushing Sex on Their Kids

From the article:

There’s been something of an awakening happening in California recently. While the state’s faith community led the charge in shutting down the latest attempt to curb the free speech and religious rights of certain counselors and ministries, concerned parents are standing against the implementation of sex education curricula in the state that introduces children, as young as 11, to sexually explicit content.

This is a myopic view. How do these parents think it came to this in the first place? The bureaucrats thinking about how they want to indoctrinate the next generation are themselves the products of the institution’s indoctrination. Suppose that the parents succeed in getting stopped what they want to be stopped. Do they really think the institution is now a healthy and friendly place to send their poor children?

Millennials are running from what’s left of their parent’s faith, and why not? The parents put their children under the authority of an anti-Christ institution for most of their young lives. And that anti-Christ institution would be just as anti-Christ even if it taught zero sex-education… which it never will.

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Because Your Children Don’t Have Forever To Figure It Out

Children grow up. That’s what they do. Then they grow older, then old, then they die. It all happens so quick. One minute they’re in the government’s institution of indoctrination, then the next they’re attempting to live out the “better” plan that the institution thought, without reason, was best. Some, however, after it’s too late, realize that what the institution taught them was a sham.

Here is a story like that. It’s a poor soul pouring out her heart after her life of chasing all the empowerment none-sense that she was indoctrinated to chase only to realize too late that the institution knows nothing of happiness, but only rebellion, hatred, and bitterness.


A bit:

It had seemed a good idea at the time, being so very different from my mum, rebelling against her lack of vanity, ambition, selfishness…My mum was content with her lot, she lived in the moment, she didn’t put off life, thinking: ‘As soon as I’m eight stone… As soon as I’ve bought that new house…

My overriding feeling, as the Big Day (turning 60) came and went last week, was that my generation of women was sold a lie. We were told our mothers’ lives were disgracefully submissive. We were told we must battle our bodies into submission, land a career in order to hold all the power.

This is a sad story, yet it is perpetuated by the institution day in and day out. Don’t let your children be a victim of its grand social experiment.

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Drowning In The Fruit

John Dewey is said to be the father of the modern institution of education. I would think that his brainchild has succeeded beyond his wildest fantasies.



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The Truth Is Behind The Why

The movie, Westworld, is about a future theme park that would allow one to experience their fantasies with the help of highly advanced robots. But the outlaw, cowboy robot played by Yul Brynner went a little too far and started killing everyone with real bullets. The story in the featured video clip today, and many many more like it, remind me of Westworld. The education institution is the largest lab that has ever existed. And parents put their children out on the side of the road every day to be picked up in a big yellow wagon and taken to the lab where the minds of these poor souls are tinkered with for the entirety of their youth. They’re not supposed to act on their indoctrination. They’re supposed to wait until they are out of the lab and in the world before they begin their hate-binge on Man. But every once in a while, just like Westworld, one of the robots goes rogue. That’s all that’s happened here:

She says that the Trump hat is a symbol of racism and hatred. She says it as if that truth is as self-evident as the sun rising in the east. But why? In answering the why, is her schoolhouse innocent? Or is it a collaborator?

Her circuits will be adjusted, of course. She’ll be given an atta-girl in secret, and later she’ll be enlisted into some Soros funded hate group and used up and abused there.

But what if she hadn’t been sent to the government indoctrination lab? In this case, I suppose I ought to ask a more imposing question. What if her parents hadn’t been sent to the indoctrination lab? Or her parent’s parents? What if they had all been taught concepts like liberty, free speech, and not to mistake name-calling for a serious argument?

Those waiting in the wings to take control of these robots know what they’re doing. Don’t let them do it to your children.

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