The Truth Is Behind The Why

The movie, Westworld, is about a future theme park that would allow one to experience their fantasies with the help of highly advanced robots. But the outlaw, cowboy robot played by Yul Brynner went a little too far and started killing everyone with real bullets. The story in the featured video clip today, and many many more like it, remind me of Westworld. The education institution is the largest lab that has ever existed. And parents put their children out on the side of the road every day to be picked up in a big yellow wagon and taken to the lab where the minds of these poor souls are tinkered with for the entirety of their youth. They’re not supposed to act on their indoctrination. They’re supposed to wait until they are out of the lab and in the world before they begin their hate-binge on Man. But every once in a while, just like Westworld, one of the robots goes rogue. That’s all that’s happened here:

She says that the Trump hat is a symbol of racism and hatred. She says it as if that truth is as self-evident as the sun rising in the east. But why? In answering the why, is her schoolhouse innocent? Or is it a collaborator?

Her circuits will be adjusted, of course. She’ll be given an atta-girl in secret, and later she’ll be enlisted into some Soros funded hate group and used up and abused there.

But what if she hadn’t been sent to the government indoctrination lab? In this case, I suppose I ought to ask a more imposing question. What if her parents hadn’t been sent to the indoctrination lab? Or her parent’s parents? What if they had all been taught concepts like liberty, free speech, and not to mistake name-calling for a serious argument?

Those waiting in the wings to take control of these robots know what they’re doing. Don’t let them do it to your children.

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