Because They’re Laughing At You

I would laugh too if what is happening was not so terrible. Stories like these make me wonder, what will it take? What the institution is doing, and will do to your children, is not secret. There’s no attempt to even hide it. Yet these parents think they’re going to demand that this massive, bloated, evil, anti-Christ bureaucracy to stop doing the very thing that it sees itself as existing to do? Again, I would laugh.

Here’s the story:

700 Parents Show Up to School Board Meeting to Demand School Stop Pushing Sex on Their Kids

From the article:

There’s been something of an awakening happening in California recently. While the state’s faith community led the charge in shutting down the latest attempt to curb the free speech and religious rights of certain counselors and ministries, concerned parents are standing against the implementation of sex education curricula in the state that introduces children, as young as 11, to sexually explicit content.

This is a myopic view. How do these parents think it came to this in the first place? The bureaucrats thinking about how they want to indoctrinate the next generation are themselves the products of the institution’s indoctrination. Suppose that the parents succeed in getting stopped what they want to be stopped. Do they really think the institution is now a healthy and friendly place to send their poor children?

Millennials are running from what’s left of their parent’s faith, and why not? The parents put their children under the authority of an anti-Christ institution for most of their young lives. And that anti-Christ institution would be just as anti-Christ even if it taught zero sex-education… which it never will.

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