It’s The Snakes You Don’t See That You Worry About

FEDS: Convicted Teacher Lured Boy, 14, With Watch, Acne Meds

Yes, this woman is supposedly going to prison, although for how long who can know. She is, after all, a woman and so had to work really hard at plowing through the women-are-always-the-innocent-victim barrier of modern culture to get there. Also, keep in mind that she’s the one who got caught and that it would be naive to think that all, or even most, actually do get caught. You live in a highly sexualized culture, a culture that the institution has been pushing for a half century. As it turns out, a hedonistic bunch is easier for the state to enslave than the self-conquered.

It also turns out that, for those predisposed to hedonism, when we want something to be true we are willing to dupe ourselves into a false view of reality. When we really want our children out of the house, or we want to believe that the only prerequisite for our children owning more sheetrock than our neighbor’s kids is the government indoctrination center, then we will tell ourselves lies to keep ourselves believing what we want to believe. So, in this case, we can tell ourselves that the sorts of things in this article are outliers.

We can know this. We are living in a nation in decline, and that decline is not without ramifications. Stories like these are so common-place that they are not even considered newsworthy. And these are the snakes in the grass that get caught. Only a fool would believe that there’s not a lot more who don’t get caught. So if you consider your children as a low-stakes risk, then, by all means, send them into the sewer and tell them to have at it. But if you care, perhaps your best course is to run, not walk, right now, down to that big, brick, flat-roofed, government building down the street and rescue your children.

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