Your Children Modern Day Janissaries?

Janissaries were soldiers from the Ottoman Empire. They consisted of kidnapped Christian boys who were trained to be Islamic infantrymen and then sent back as fierce soldiers to war against their own parents.

They began as an elite corps of slaves made up of kidnapped young Christian boys who were forcefully converted to Islam,[6] and became famed for internal cohesion cemented by strict discipline and order.

This practice has an eerie ring to it, except with a twist. Muslims kidnapped the Christian boys. In modern times, Christians march their children, male and female alike, out to the side of the street to be picked up and hauled daily to the institutions where they will be indoctrinated against their parent’s faith. They return as grownups and social-justice warriors to fight against everything their parents stand for.

Why is this? It’s because it has been drummed into our heads that there can be no happiness without that awesome state-accredited education. In the end, you can bet that the modern Christian will put his children where his heart really is. And when they grow up and fall naturally into the 80 percent of those who walk away from the faith, the parents will live the rest of their lives wondering what went wrong? Don’t let this be you. It’s a sham. You can and will do a better job than the state in educating your child, even if you do a poor job.

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  1. Excellent – but chilling – illustration.

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