Because You Don’t Want To Teach Your Children About Feminist Insanity By Having Them Live It Out In The Feminist Asylum​

Yes, better to observe the feminist insanity that has flooded the institution down the street through your front window behind your locked front door. Who knows, maybe your son might be able to pass the Democrat gauntlet of lying Metoo hacks unscathed and become an up-standing federal judge one day. But who are we kidding, really?

Today we look at a rather long story written by the mother of a 6-year-old boy who was accused of sexual harassment. And you guessed it, it happened at school. It is a well written and entertaining story that I’ll let you click over and read for yourself. She lays the groundwork using her own son’s experience of being harassed by young rabid feminists in training for becoming old rabid feminists. Laying the groundwork of her own experience as a context, she then talks about a 13-year-old boy, who after receiving a two-hour interrogation attempting to get him to confess to sexual harassment, was hand-cuffed, because he’s so dangerous I suppose, and hauled off to the police station in front of his peers.

Most of the stories I write here take about thirty minutes–and that’s starting from nothing–to write. I simply begin by looking at news clips, and it’s not long before a story involving the institution pops up. If I wrote on everything I heard, not even searching, I’d be posting much more often, and probably more often than once a day. And if I did go looking for stories I would find many more because most are so common that they’re no longer even news-worthy. That brings me to my point which comes with the only quote I’ll pull from my featured story today. It is from:

When Every Boy Is Guilty, Every Girl Becomes a Monster

Here is the quote:

Yes, every time I publish one of these, I get people telling me their schools are fine; their kids are fine. Are they? Or have you just never interrogated them on their assumptions and what they’re being taught? Do you just not want to know?

That last question is the most poignant questions of our day. And with it in mind, I’ll even go so far as concede that not all schools are the same. But I’m quick to add that the best school out there today would have been shut down by irate and unhappy parents just thirty years ago for what they teach and allow from teachers, curriculum, and the student body, and what the institutions now deem as wrong enough to warrant a police-statish interrogation and a perp-walk for the peers. Please keep in mind that by saying this I’m not saying that the schools were good thirty years ago. What I am saying is that the water in the pot that you’re sending your children into for the institution to boil into state-stew, was not quite as hot then as it is today.

The link to the story again:

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