The Schoolhouse Will Never Be Reformed

Who would send their little Jonny down to the whorehouse to take his piano lessons? Who would say to themselves,  “about that whole whore thing going on down there, I’ll try not to think about that; they’re working on getting that stopped… hopefully… one day, and becoming a respectable music school.” Well, we all know that a whore house is in the business of selling whores. That’s what it does. It’s one thing to have a few whores working down at the music school. But it’s another thing altogether to have a few piano teachers working down at the whorehouse. It’s all about purpose.

In the same way, the government institution that has set itself up ostensibly to educate the children of those poor slobs in the less than 7 digit income range has an entirely different goal hidden in plain sight like a Las Vegas billboard. It’s there to convert children from human beings into nice little party-worshiping NPC’s. Put more finely, the institution’s first purpose is not to teach piano, it’s to whore out leftist ideology. That a child might learn a little piano in the process is secondary and subordinate to the main purpose. And if the institution is pressed too hard on the matter, by parents who would really rather not have their children made into Marxist clones, the carrot of reform is dangled until it can get that generation indoctrinated so that the whole thing can be ratcheted up with the next generation.

A friend sent to me this piece by Doug Willson. I encourage you to click over and read it. The man does have a way with words. He addresses reform in the context of a dynamic history that sees the “progress” of the schoolhouse as ever changing from the worst case scenario that one can imagine to newly discovered depths. An excerpt:

Some time, away in the future, the last holdout, some Baptist deacon in Tennessee, will finally acknowledge that when the public school system refused to allow his (politely worded) request for his daughter to opt out of the lab for the pole dancing class, with the football team as the practice audience, they really had “gone too far.” The football team was there because they were all in mandatory sensitivity training, which meant that they had to watch the girls without any catcalling, which they did grumble about a little bit.

It’s all about the reference point. If our reference point is the pink sedan driving beside the bus we’re all riding on, why we’re all just sitting still. And that’s the con game right there. Fix your eye on the car. Don’t look at the guardrail for goodness sake, you’ll be turned into a radical, wild-eyed, scaremonger if you do. And while we’re at it, remember that scaremongers are not the sort of people us folks in whorehouses like keeping company with.

In the meantime, while the average parent is feeling a little uneasy that the bus has gotten a little too far ahead of the sedan, other parents have looked out the other side of the bus and realized that they’ve been doing 100 for the last century. If they have any sense, they’ll also realize that the driver removed the brakes and chucked them out the window a long time ago. And maybe they also got the inkling a little bit that that was what he had been up to when they noticed the slimy grin on his face as they said to themselves, “I wonder what that fellow’s up to?”

As Doug Wilson put it. “Get them out now.”

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