The Why’s As To Why America Is Being Lost Is Slapping Our Heads, And We Can’t Even See It

It might be election season to you, but it’s report-card time for the institution as it gets its own grade in how it’s doing in its task of transforming America into a communist state. I’d say it got a decent grade if you don’t look any deeper than the present, and an awesome celebration of a grade if you look at the progress it has made through the years. All around I see the scratching of heads as to what is happening to this country. The question is asked, how can a party so violent, so ugly, so deceptive, so corrupt, so America hating, so racist, so perverted, so God-hating, so communist as the Democrat party even come close to winning an election? The next morning they’ll get up early in the morning, wake their children, feed them, dress them, then march them out to the street to be picked up by the massive machine we have come to know as “education” in this country. When those children turn 18, they’ll have spent 13 years in an indoctrination center bent on turning them into America-hating commies.  And in two years we’ll go through the whole thing again because only a few have put 2 and 2 together, realized that it adds up to 4, and yanked their children out of the teeth of the machine.

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