Uhhhh, Conservatives, You’ve Got A Nail Stuck In Your Head

I love this video:

I love it because it’s so true… and that it’s a great metaphor for Republicans and conservatives. Why? In a video on this blog, Ann Coulter bemoans the fact that Trump will be the last Republican president, and I agree that he likely will be. For obvious reasons, she blames the death of conservatism on immigration.  But somehow she misses the giant nail of birth-till-voting-age indoctrination protruding obnoxiously from the Republican party’s head. The open-doors, get-here-any-way-you-can-and-we’ll-cheer-you-on-while-you’re-doing-it approach to immigration is not the cause but a symptom. The question Coulter’s not asking is, how did we get to the point that our government would encourage this kind of lawlessness in the first place and without voter retribution? The answer, of course, is that the Republican electorate has been doing its part in its own destruction. Coulter mentions young immigrants turning 18 and voting. She forgot to notice that young indoctrinated Marxists have been turning 18 and voting for decades, each successive wave being more America hating, liberal, government-worshipping, and self-righteous than the previous.  Sure, it might have taken a little longer for socialism to win the day had immigration not played a part, but only a little longer. Besides, a rising flood will envelop ever more policies. It was always going to happen. Red-state parents sending their children to blue-state schools made it a faitcompli long before the border became a weapon in the hands of socialists.

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