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Public Schools Are Not Public

This is an excerpt from a great article. I’ll put the first paragraph here:

When historians look back on the decline of America in the 20th century they will point their fingers directly at the “public” school system.

Nothing has been as destructive to the American culture as the indoctrination camps masquerading as schools. It was in those “schools” that all vestiges of Christianity and American exceptionalism were washed out of the minds of America’s children.

America’s public school system is only “public” in the sense that the public foots the bill. They no longer teach the values of the public, but rather, the values of the educational elite who have committed themselves to a century-long march towards godlessness.

That has been their goal…the elimination of God from the minds of the children, substituting in it’s place a dependency on government in the place of God. If there is no God, then government becomes God.

Click here for the rest of a great article.

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Are The Fish Beginning To Suspect That They’re Wet?

If you want to know about water, then don’t ask a fish… or so the saying goes. We live in a society in which only a small smidgen of people were not faced with the indoctrinating influence of a leftist, anti-Christ, government-worshipping education. In other words, only a few people have not been subjected to a “normal” education, and we all know that what is perceived to be normal is also perceived to be right. Our culture marvels over the drastic changes taking place within itself, and at the same time is unable to put its finger on what is causing the changes. That’s because what’s causing the changes is as normal as the air we breathe. What’s more normal than that big windowless, flat-roofed, brick, government complex just down the street from everyone’s home? The same complex within the bowels of which most of our own childhoods were spent.

Today we have an article that seems to be more common–yet still fairly uncommon–as more people appear to be able to trace the moral collapse of our society to the root mechanism through which the engineering of our collapse was inculcated into the masses.

The article:


From the article, emphasis mine:

Judges, teachers, reporters, and journalists have mostly been educated by the State. Why are we surprised when they support the State?

Americans have a love affair with public education, mainly because they are not paying full price. It’s misplaced. You get what you don’t pay for.

Lowering taxes and cutting spending will not happen as long as we continue to feed the beast with our children. Both parties are intoxicated with power and the use of other people’s money to claim, use, and abuse that power.

I watch the talking pundits–all of them famous, all smart, and all upset point to this and that as the problem. Some come close by pointing to the colleges. But that’s short-sighted. People have to be programmed incrementally through generations in order to prepare them for slavery to a powerful state. Politics and the collapse of culture are upstream of culture. Way upstream. 5 year-old-child upstream. It’s upstream so far that it’s before any of us can even remember upstream.

C. S. Lewis saw this years ago as he spoke of the “school boy”.

“It is not a theory they put into [the school boy’s] mind, but an assumption, which ten years hence, its origin forgotten and its presence unconscious, will condition him to take one side in a controversy which he has never recognized as a controversy at all.”

He never recognizes the controversy like the fish never recognizes the water. No one ponders normal. And like water to a fish, government indoctrination is normal for us, about as normal as it gets. And for the 15-year-old who has been indoctrinated for the past decade by the state, leftism, aberrant sexual practices, moral relativism, the state as god, and self-orientation are normal. What is abnormal and dangerous is anyone who disagrees with this “normal.”

But maybe, just maybe, more are waking up. Maybe parents will at least not be shocked when their children become sexual play-things for their teachers, or the school is pushing sex on their children, or the schoolhouse becomes a de facto burlesque show, or the schoolhouse pushes porn on their children, or their daughter comes out as pan-sexual and want to date a transgender boy, or they learn that nude pictures of their children are in the possession of their teachers, and on and on. And at best, maybe they’re looking at that government compound just down the street with a healthy dose of suspicion. And maybe they’ll try to change it and find that the schoolhouse only likes to talk about change. Maybe they’ll finally understand that handing their children over to the power-loving state is not the best plan for raising free children. Maybe anyway. Just maybe.

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From Facebook “Get Woke Go Broke”

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