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Brace For The Changing Of The Guard

If I plant an acorn, I can expect an oak tree to grow. Why would I ever expect a pine tree? Yet we in mass do exactly that. We plant one thing and expect something totally different to pop up out of the ground.

How do we do this? By sending our children to Socialist, Secular Humanist indoctrination camps and expecting something else to pop out of those camps. Right now we are watching the Democrat party boldly vote to allow children fresh from the womb to die. They feel that this vote will garner them favor with the people and will, in the end, be a winning strategy in the upcoming election, and I tend to agree with them. Time will tell.

I’m at that age where going to funerals has become more common. Several months ago we buried a dear friend who was staunchly pro-life, and who voted. She was almost 80 years old. A few months earlier than that my daughter reached voting age. This was a microcosm of what is happening all around. Socialism, and its utilitarian sisters, abortion and euthanasia, are not shocking to the droves of students fresh from the indoctrination centers. In fact, abortions are seen as moral solutions to problems presented to us in our materialistic utilitarian world.

There is, of course, much hand-wringing by the old guard over the encroaching evil, but no solutions. That’s because  the old guard has not understood why their children come back to them loving Ceasor after they were sent off to Ceasor for indoctrination. We are so emersed in the cause that we cannot discern the solutions. So we do battle with the wind and are shocked when we constantly lose.

My daughter voted pro-life this past election. She was one of the few single young women to do so. She will be one of the fewer in elections to come. The old guard is on its way out, and the seeds that we planted years ago are going to bear their fruit. God have mercy on us.


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Because You Really Ought To Know What The Teachers Of Your Children Do

I saw this on FB posted by a teacher and I absolutely agree with her.

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 10.54.24 AM

We live in a society that is proud of its sin. To think that the teachers of your children are somehow exempt from that pride is folly. There’s no telling what the teachers of your children are doing. And what they’re doing matters.

On the other hand, it is possible to know exactly what the teachers of your children do, down to the last glorious, or dirty, rotten detail. And you can even know how they feel about what they do and what they think about what they do, and how they respond to what they do when the one doing it is you.

What they’re doing in politics is downstream of culture, and what they’re doing in culture is downstream of the schoolhouse. So I couldn’t agree more. It does matter what the teachers of your children are doing. That’s why I’m an advocate of making it irrelevant, at least as far as your own children are concerned, what… they do.


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