Because Culture Is Downstream Of The Schoolhouse

I just saw this meme,

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 5.49.06 AM

and I have to respectfully disagree with Mr. Walsh. But before I say why I think he’s wrong, let me parse the meme just a little. The only way it would be possible for a government to guarantee provision in every individual’s life is if that government became a god strong enough to intercept the consequences for every poor, disastrous, idiotic decision all of those masses of individuals were capable of making. But government is not god. It doesn’t possess anything that it doesn’t take, including power. It is also, in fact, made up of human beings who are not themselves immune from the common maladies that plague man.

How one sees government will depend on how one is taught to see it. If children are taught from a young age that government’s only purpose is to govern, then they will grow up believing that government’s purpose is to govern. But if they are taught that government’s purpose is to be an almighty god that is, not only capable of ensuring every individual a decent standard of living but is also morally bound to ensuring it, then why would we be surprised if they grow up believing this to be the reality? And of course, government schools teach this about government.

So I have to disagree with Walsh because not only is politics downstream of culture, culture is downstream of the schoolhouse. We are not losing this country because the Republican Party lost the courage to say that the government is not god, we’re losing the country because no politician can say it and remain in office.

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