The Intersectionality War Within


Where one sits on the victim scale matters because that scale will determine the outcome of squabbles in Victimville . I’ve always considered blacks to exist at the bottom–and they seem to be content being there, they are probably the most reliable and solid voting block in the history of voting. But, for what my opinion’s worth, they ought to be at the top.

At present, there is a conflict in Victimville playing itself out in the English education institution. It seems that the homosexuals and the Muslims are vying for supremacy of victimhood.

As far as who the winner in this squabble will be, I’m initially inclined to put my money on the homosexuals. They’ve got the whole money, influence and power thing sewed up tight. But they have some problems that might ultimately cause them to lose. First, homosexual’s biology and childbearing don’t add up. And the institution exists for children and their indoctrination. And if the children don’t show up, the institution starts looking rather silly. Second, homosexuals are not known for blowing themselves and others up when things don’t go their way. So Muslim parents are definitely not going to be compelled by the power of the sword to hand their children over to the institution to be indoctrinated into its prideful perversions.

I must admit; it will be fun to watch these intellectuals turn themselves into pretzels explaining the glory of Islam and the righteousness of homosexuality. But we just know that Christianity will somehow take the fall for this, and the children will ultimately lose.


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3 responses to “The Intersectionality War Within

  1. 1. Pass the popcorn.

    2. Learn one thing from the Muslims: Be more committed to our beliefs.

  2. They’ve played this out before and I was surprised. A lesbian demanded that a Moslem barber cut her hair; he refused. He won in court. Clearly Moslem supercedes gay in the intersectionality category.

  3. Happy Mom

    I cannot for the life of me understand why, given how small a percentage sodomites or moslems make up, the majority enable them to throw these dangerous political tantrums. There aren’t enough sodomites in the world to make sodomy “normal” there aren’t enough Muslims to enforce sharia law in the western world. How about we all stand together and ask the emperor to put on some clothes….

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