Because Xenophobia​ Is Real​

Xenophobia is defined as a dislike or prejudice against people from other countries. I think it is innate in our humanness to experience this emotion and thus the word describes something that we can relate to. Otherwise, it would be a meaningless word, right? But why other countries? Well, because there are a lot of unknowns about places and cultures that we haven’t experienced, and unknowns can produce fear, and fear can produce dislikes. The mature and well-educated man, however, can push through this phenomenon.

I contend, however, that xenophobia need not apply only to people from other countries, but that it can apply to people from other mindsets, especially when the people of a certain mindset have been systematically demonized by the institution throughout your formative and young adulthood years. And our formative and young adulthood years are key. When a young man leaves the institution, he is leaving what I have often termed in these posts as a campus culture. I also suggest that it is an isolated culture, a culture that looks inward on itself, and that is self-oriented based on a lifetime of indoctrination.

Imagine that, after leaving this culture a young man encounters someone who happens to see reality in a way that, although it is consistent with all of human history as it refers to human sexuality, is inconsistent with his own personal history, experience, and indoctrination. We can see how this young man might just as well be meeting a person from a different country.  His isolated and controlled history and culture will be threatened by something new and alien to him. He will experience fear and dislike and will react hatefully, perhaps even violently. He is being xenophobic, indeed he has been trained to be.

It is our nature to measure all things in life against our formative and young adult years. It’s there that normal is established as a baseline. Then, when we meet someone who is abnormal, who speaks a different language or has a different set of values, we can feel threatened. We should be taught to fight this. But instead, the institution uses it as a weapon by indoctrinating our children to fear those who think differently, to become offended, triggered, angry, and to see this alien mindset as a threat to normal. Safe spaces are provided in college. Corporations engage in “sensitivity” training. All of it finding its root in the natural human disposition of xenophobia.

Worse, however, the institution has poisoned the well. It has taught your children to project their xenophobia onto anyone who disagrees with them. Those who disagree with their programmed mindsets are to be judged as xenophobic for their disagreement. That it takes two to disagree, and that perhaps the young indoctrinated youth might question whether or not he himself may be xenophobic for disagreeing with someone else, is lost on the young man. Such would require an open mind. But the open mind was carefully trained out of him.

After 9/11 I was talking to a lady co-worker who was telling me about how we ought not to blame Islam for the deadly attacks that happened on that day. I asked her if she thought that the public’s general sentiment would be the same if Christians had been flying those planes. Her face betrayed a revelation. She knew that the reaction would have been totally different and that it would have been used as a reason to accuse Christians of being violent. That is xenophobia in action. She was indoctrinated to think and feel that way.

Xenophobia is real, yes. We do fear the unknown, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. As with all of our natural tendencies they need to be subject to an open mind mored by objective reality and truth. It’s not xenophobic, for example, to fear a violent nation or religion. It is, on the other hand, xenophobic to fear a religion, culture, or mindset that you have been lied to about for 14 years. It takes an open mind to know the difference, to question one’s own beliefs, to seek truth, and to understand man’s epistemological predicament. A good education will teach these things. A bad education will use them as tools of control, power, and subjugation.

Give your child a good education. Don’t let the state turn them into rabid, emotional, thoughtless, warrior-xenophobes. Homeschool them.

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