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Because The Problem Is Not In the Stem, But In The Root.

I love Hillsdale college. I also love William F. Buckley, who said:

I’d rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.

Let me be clear. Hillsdale College is not the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone book. It’s much better… better than that by far, in my opinion. Still, they miss the realities of their existence by far.

I’m reading an Imprimis  (Hillsdale college) article on public education and they are making their case on public school policy… and what will be taught there. They have, evidently, not learned the most basic of history lessons, which is that the victor will write the history. And not only that, they will write the narrative of every-day life. Hillsdale is like so many modern conservative institutions in that they don’t realize that wars are not won, and revolutions don’t revolutionize, by bullets, armies, and governments. They are won by taking control of education. And when you find yourself pining away about what you wish was taught, or what you think ought to be taught, you might as well realize that you are on the outside of the institution looking in. This, unfortunately, means that you don’t have the privilege of being on the inside filling the future generation’s heads with the realities of their existence.

Again, I love Hillsdale. And I love Imprimis. And I get their point. Since enemy forces have taken over education we ought to petition them to seek/learn the true realities of humanity’s existence.

But I’m not speaking to governments here. I’m petitioning parents. The schools are lost to progressive, big-government, grievance-oriented, victim-mentality, government-worshiping, God-hating, America-hating, gender-confused control. To reject that truth is to reject reality. If I wrong, explain to me how. The schools are not going to be fixed. They are, in fact, going to continue the trajectory that they’ve been on for the last century. You have two choices. You can take the six-shooter with 5 bullets in it, stick it to your child’s head and hope that the institution’s mental bombardment doesn’t take hold. Or, you can put the six-shooter with only one bullet in it, and stick it to your child’s head and hope that your teaching will win the day against the prevailing culture.

To send your child to the public indoctrination center is to choose the former. The choice is yours. The Ramifications of your choice is severe, most importantly for your child, but also for the nation. Wisdom calls.



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Well Said

He left out infanticide… kind of.

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