Because Education Failure Is Not An Event But A Slide

If there is one thing that has become hauntingly obvious to me since starting this blog it is the insidious effect of “the slide”. Very large changes get our attention, but the a-little-here, a-little-there changes through the decades go unnoticed. But they add up to massive shifts over time without our even noticing it.

When you take into account that the institution churns out over a couple of million indoctrinated students every year who make babies and then send them back into the machine oblivious to what they’re doing, you can see how the institution is the greatest weapon ever created to prepare the masses for enslavement.

Today I leave you with a quote.

Screen Shot 2019-05-11 at 12.26.54 PM

There is a point of no return for the nation, and I’m fairly certain that we have passed it. But it doesn’t have to be passed that point for you and your children. Get yourself unindoctrinated as you un-indoctrinate your children. Get them out of the public schoolhosue.


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2 responses to “Because Education Failure Is Not An Event But A Slide

  1. Been reading an account of the Germans in WWII (“The Third Reich at War”).. The younger people were more sadistic and malleable in inciting hatred against Jews and other “lesser races” than the older people. The gov’t indoctrination of the youth made the difference.

    • I had an entire paragraph devoted to the fact that those closer to the end of life, and who had actually seen and experienced the changes, know that this is happening, but they are blown off as old and stuck in their ways. But I deleted it in the interest of brevity.

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