I Can’t Help But Wonder If This Poor Woman Realizes That There Is Another Way

Here is the article:

Mother Arrested For Confronting Nine-Year-Old Bullies At Son’s School

This poor woman doesn’t realize that bullying is the method, the way, the SOP’s at that innocent looking, windowless, flat-roofed, government building that sits conveniently just down the street in her neighborhood. If she really wants to know what bullying looks like, she need only to mention that her views on human sexuality line up with human history.

I feel for this poor lady. I really do. She has only done what she was trained by her government to do, which was to send her child off to a bunch of government-certified strangers to “prepare” him for a prosperous, government-certified life. She really had no idea that her input into his life ended at the institution’s property line, and that she was not so much protecting her child against a bunch moral-relativistic future bullies as she was against a bunch of government-indoctrinated, moral-relativistic parents.

There’s no fighting city hall. There’s no fighting the state capital. And there’s no fighting Washington. But there is saving your children from all of them and their violent offspring… if you’ve got the courage to do it.

Please, dear lady, you can’t do worse. Get your child out of there as fast as you can and bring them to the sanctuary that is your home. Not the greatest home? I promise you that the government campus is worse. I experienced it decades ago. It’s not better. I can say this with the utmost confidence and if you give a whit about your child, as you obviously do, you know it too.


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