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Because Raising Children Is About More Than The Child’s Future, And The Institution Knows This Even If The Parents Don’t.

Anyone who wants to know how society changes drastically in just a short space of time need look no further than the government education institution just down the street. It’s a no-brainer really. It’s so close and common in fact that it goes unnoticed. If you want to know what new changes are coming your way, run down to that nice new building down the street filled with state-certified strangers preparing your children to bring about their brave new Utopia.

I can remember when people laughed at me when I said that two men will be able to “marry”. The institution was laughing too because it knew we were laughing as they worked like termites in plain sight.

There are a lot of things to dread in your future. One of them is the pro-noun hell coming our way as soon as these robots have been programmed.

Don’t let them program your children into some pipe-dream, nonsense hell. Teach your children about reality. Teach them at home.

H/T Eternity Matters

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