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The Bate And Switch

Most of us are myopic. We look at the present and wonder, how did it ever come to be that perversions, sexting, child predators, the butchers at Planned Parenthood, America hatred, Marxism and many other society-destroying organisms set up house at the school just down the street. It would have seemed to have happened overnight, but it didn’t. It started long ago and incrementally fed on its self as it grew.

In the beginning, the schools did a fair job of educating children, but they also introduced new ideas that seemed at the time to be somewhat innocent. There has always been controversy above the surface in public education, and that controversy has always been the tip of the iceberg of what was going on beneath the surface. The schools would win their agenda wars even if they lost plenty of scuffles. The parents typically went home after they won their little battles and enjoyed life thinking it was all fixed down at the schoolhouse. They went back to sleep, they grew old, then they died. Their children, who had been changed, then fought different battles as new boundaries were threatened, then they went to sleep also, grew old and died. Just repeat this until we have what we have today.

Even in these wicked times most parents… not all, but most, even though they’ve become all in for Marxism, still don’t necessarily want their children to grow up killing their offspring, having sex with any and everyone, becoming confused about their gender, having teachers prey on them sexually, or having another man’s penis rammed up their son’s rectums. But they are at a loss because their lives, society and experience have convinced them that strangers certified by the god/state are the only human beings capable of giving their poor offspring the education they need to do well in life.

All the evidence is to the contrary. The god/state has betrayed its subjects. It has turned the institution into a social laboratory and your children into rats. If you have an inkling that something is wrong, then you have but one recourse. Get your children out.



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