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January 16, 2020 · 8:35 am

Gun Control And Why Conservatives Will Lose, And Why They Always Lose

It was John Adams who said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” He understood that for a constitutional republic to work self-restraint had to be a core element in the average citizen. Thanks to government indoctrination in government schools, in the modern mindset self-restraint, has become a thing for losers. The winning proposition is now entitlement. The coming generations not only have a sense of entitlement, but they are also raising their children to be even more entitled. But entitled to what? It’s in answering that question that we learn why the right’s trajectory looks like a shooting star headed for the western horizon.

The very word, entitlement, denotes an entitler with God-like powers, as well as connotes a sense of some abstract world out there that owes each one of us happiness equal to every other individual’s. This sets up a war against happiness in the name of unhappiness, a war that the entitler is happy to wage. Needing evermore power to equalize happiness, the entitled are more than willing to surrender liberties that they see no need of retaining in exchange for a happiness that the entitler can never provide.

One of the most prized entitlements held by the newer generations is the bliss of ignorance. Speakers are shouted down when their words threaten it. Truth is labeled with pejoratives in order to allow the ignorant to dismiss it with virtue-signaling, name-calling responses. Intertainment and news media feed the ignorance by painting a picture of a world where the women win, and they beat up anyone who threatens their victory… or ignorance, and where homosexuals are the most virtuous of humanity and would have the happiness they’re entitled to if only those who threaten their ignorant bliss could be shut up for good. Freedom of speech? It’s only important when people say things that don’t threaten my ignorance. Label it hate-speech and shut it down.

But the entitlement that I want to talk about is the felt entitlement to not have your happiness threatened by the prospect of receiving a bullet between the eyes. The entitler agrees and promises that it can outlaw such threats and thus usher in the paradise we all deserve. And as with all other promises made by the entitler, great care is taken to script the language to ensure that the bliss of ignorance remains intact. Focus group studies are conducted and words are wielded with maximum effect. Bad words, like guns, assault rifles, and mass shootings are used in conjunction with evil motives like homophobia, and racism. Gun-control is, therefore, evil control. Evil-free zones are created to whet the appetite for an eventual evil-free world. To stand against gun-control is to stand for evil. And if anybody says anything different call them a racist, then stick fingers in ears and say la la la la until they stop, because ignorance must be protected, and will be protected.

Enter 2nd amendment rights advocates with their slew of trigger words, like gun rights, read evil rights. These advocates don’t employ focus groups to help in communicating with willing dupes. The thought-forms of the advocates are the thought-forms of people who live in a world that they are willing to acknowledge is inherently evil. They simply don’t comprehend the thought-forms of those who are fighting for an impossible and vague notion of a happy Utopian paradise where the entitler is given sufficient power to provide for the entitled unhindered by the likes of the NRA, and their evil-rights protectors.

I would love it if the realists would tailor their language to help them communicate with the willing dupes who might be persuaded. The word gun should be stricken from our language and replaced with the right to self-protection, which would encompass more than just guns anyway. We must remember that the entitler can never make good. It must always find a new thing that is preventing it from providing the entitled, willing dupes what they have been persuaded that they deserve.

In Virginia, they’ve adopted the language of the willing dupes by calling their counties sanctuary counties. Sanctuary? Who can be against a sanctuary? But they retain the word gun. They might as well be telling the willing dupes that they have sanctuary cities for the purpose of sanctioning evil. No! The sanctuary counties are not “gun rights” sanctuaries. They are self-protection sanctuaries. These are places that are taking a stand against their happiness being destroyed by giving a lunatic cart blanch freedom to turn them into targets at a shooting gallery.

Also, there is the would-be Church of Christ massacre except that some parishioners happen to be exercising their right of self-protection. Self-protection advocates are rightly pointing to this as a case for why we need this right as well as one of the reasons this right was enshrined in the law of the land. (Not Constitution. That word embodies restraint on the entitler, and as such denotes restraint on it bringing about Utopia. Willing dupes love the hand of the entitler as seen in its laws…  lots and lots and lots of liberty-stealing laws, regulations, and ordinances) Now while this little thing does threaten to burst the bubble of the willingly duped, we can count on them remaining ignorant about it because we know, if CNN didn’t report it, it never happened. And even if they do report it, if they don’t harp on it every day for six months, it wasn’t important anyway.

But realists don’t think like this. We’re realists. Our language is plain, and we use plain language. So communication with willing dupes will remain somewhat impossible. Couple this with the fact that the realists have their own Achilles heel of willing ignorance when it comes to their offspring making it in this world. They gladly pack their children in the car, or put them on the side of the street next to the trash cans for pickup, and send them to the entitler to be trained in the ways of the entitled. Sure, not all are dupped, but most are. And when they are, they become state-worshipers, and happiness addicts looking for a fix from their god, the entitler.

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