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Reason 361: Because Child Abuse Can Come From Older Schoolmates

This is a story of two little girls. One little girl is dropped off at the front door of the schoolhouse looking like this:

Screenshot (141)

What do you think would happen to the parents? Because we all know how much the institution loves children… right?

But that’s one story. Here’s another story. Suppose your daughter comes home from the institution looking like this:

Screenshot (141)

What then? Will Child Protective Services arrest the institution? Will it take all the children away from it on account of their lack of oversight and care? of course not.

So which one is the true story? To answer that question click here.



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Reason 312: Because Cultivating Sin In A Child Could Lead To A Lifetime Of Misery For Him

Bad thinking leads to bad teaching leads to bad thinking. So if someone “thinks” that people are born gay, then it would only follow that they might want to cultivate homosexuality in your child if they think they’re noticing feminine characteristics in his behavior. Never mind that the same people who say that there are no such things as gender distinctions and that any distinctions that we might notice are the result of nurture and not nature.  That’s just the glory of being a leftist. You can hold to both sides of opposing positions depending on which issue you’re pushing at any given time.

I learned a new phrase while reading today’s article. It’s called “turning out”. That’s when you see feminine tendencies in a child and then cultivate his “gayness” as is the case in this article:

Gay Teacher Promotes Homosexuality to Little 3rd Graders, Says He Didn’t Care What Parents Thought

And this on “turning out”:

The thought that the child just acted feminine could have just stayed as it is. A thought. Some kids act different than others. But this teacher overstepped his bounds and pushed an idea into the under-aged child’s mind. Some could call it “turning out” the child and other impressionable children in the class.

Also, let me emphasise again that teachers like this are not the worst threat your child will encounter at the schoolhouse, at least not directly. The worst threat is the campus culture, complete with its own variety of “stars” and movers and shakers. This culture will have much more influence on your child than a boring old teacher reading a book. And with that in mind consider that only three parents of these third graders lodged a complaint against the teacher for reading a book on two kings hooking up. That means that your children are being steeped in a culture of children whose parents have either already bought into our brave new world, or they are largely absent and have relinquished the rearing of their children to the statist school system. Either way, it’s not good. Also, keep in mind that the book he read was an approved book by the school administration.

Yes, this poor teacher resigned. But he will go to work somewhere else as a teacher and will be held in high esteem for his martyrdom.  Maybe he’ll be hired at your child’s school. These sorts of things are expected setbacks. They have the schoolhouse and they know it, and they’re on a mission to corrupt in one of the most effective places to corrupt, where lots and lots of children are gathered.

Don’t see this as a victory for the parents. It was an actual loss because they think they won something. They won’t win until they pull their children from the system that promotes a destructive and enslaving mindset. The whole system is still against them. They will go home now content that their children will be raised by the state good and proper. They couldn’t be more wrong. Please don’t send your child to the statists for an education, because a through God hating and corrupting statist education is exactly what they’ll get.

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Reason 154: Because Children Don’t Have The Necessary Life Experience

Young children are just that, young children. Their parents put them on the sidewalk in the mornings and a big yellow monster comes along and swallows them up. Does the child ask why? No, that’s just the way things are. And to be abused at school by bullies, bureaucrats, government workers and bus drivers is also, “just the way things are”; at least that’s how many young children see it. A child simply doesn’t have the wherewithal to navigate the hell that awaits him at the institution. And many times he is afraid to tell his parents about it. I know I was.

Here we have a situation in which this very thing happened. The little girl comes home and makes a passing comment about school not being all that great on a particular day, but this dad thought her comment worth looking into.

Dad Senses Something is Wrong At School. Then He Sees What the Bus Aides Are Doing to His Daughter

This is a no win for everybody, including the school workers, but mostly it is a no win for the child. This dad is not going to change the system, but he can change his daughter’s school to the best one ever. And that’s what he ought to do.

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Reason 116: Because Child Abuse Is Not Education

Here’s a great article written by  , found in “The Federalist”. Please take a few minutes to read it, then run, don’t walk, down the street and rescue your precious children.

Here is the first paragraph for a taste, but the entire thing deserves to be read:

Parents, It’s Time To Realize Big Government Is Your Enemy

In Scotland, six-year-old Daniel McFadyen‘s mother insists he is transgender ever since she found him gesturing at his privates in the bathtub with scissors when he was three. Even though these parents have other sons and must have seen them all playing with themselves (boys do this, as any parent of a male toddler can tell you, and it means nothing), this will now likely result in him taking “drugs to postpone puberty as well as hormone treatments, and then have gender realignment surgery” at age 18. So now we have state-encouraged and -sponsored child mutilation, and not in a Muslim country but a Western country.


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Reason 115: Because The Institution Is A Confederacy Of Evil

If there is an evil, God-hating, liberal organization out there somewhere, you can just bet that the schoolhouse has the red carpet laid out for it at the front door because we know that birds of a feather flock together. It’s not like there is the education institution over here, and the butchers at Planned Parenthood over there. No, the institution and Planned Parenthood are one, and they are one in the same way that any number of other organization with evil designs for your child’s mind are one. To see them as separate entities is folly. It would behoove you to just see them all as different departments in one big Confederacy of Evil.

This leads us to the point of this post, which is a study, called the Kinsey Study, made famous by one of the departments of the Confederacy of Evil, the so-called “mainstream media”, who themselves were also thoroughly indoctrinated into an evolutionist’s mindset.

Have you ever heard of Alfred Kinsey? If you haven’t, and you are a parent who is sending your children to the institution for an education, please don’t take this wrong, but I feel sorry for your children… and I mean that. I really do, because if you are ignorant of the evils increasingly prevalent in your world, how can you possibly protect your children from them, much less equip them to protect themselves?

I happened across this blog called “While it’s yet day“, that posted a you tube video discussing the Kinsey Study and its content. This video and blog post catalogs a bit of the depths of the depraved despair of the institution and our culture, which includes sexual abuse of young children in the name of “science”. If it seems our days are getting darker, there is a reason, and the public education institution is playing a vital role in that reason.

From “While it’s yet day”:

The understanding that we have of childhood sexuality and normal childhood sexual development as it is believed and taught in academia today comes from the experimental evidence documented in Kinsey’s report published in 1948 with the childhood sexuality tables that we have just discussed. It is absolutely astonishing that this is taken as the basis of what we understand to be normal childhood sexual development.

And when I try to explain this to colleagues in the type of science I’m involved with in what I call the harder sciences of biology or medicine, statistics, immunology, they do not believe what I’m trying to tell them. And the only way I can convince them of the truth of this is to go to the library, pull off the shelf of Alfred Kinsey’s books and show them what is inside. And it’s quite shocking.

Of course, this is one thing; a study that was done a half-century ago. But remember, it is a Confederacy of Evil. A bit more from the blog post:

  • Working with the Kinsey team was Mary Calderone, medical director of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America from 1953 to 1964. She later founded the Sex Information and Educational Council of the United States.
  • Teachers in the US are only trained in the Kinsey sex education model.
  • Sex conditioning under the guise of AIDS prevention begins in Kindergarten.

We, as citizens in a dark culture become darkened ourselves without even realizing it. And we make our children even darker than we are by sending them right into the bowels of the Confederacy of Evil. But no one has to do that, and I urge all to stop doing it now, while “it is yet day”.


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Reason 70: Because Elitists Are More Than Happy To Sacrifice Your Child To The Their Whacked Out Schemes

The headline at Life Site News says it all:

Sexual predator jailed after claiming to be ‘transgender’ to assault women in shelter

Before I even began reading this article I scanned it to find this little jewel within.:

Justice John McMahon imposed the “indefinite” prison sentence due to Hambrook’s long history of committing sex crimes. 

Anyone who’s paying attention knows that the coddling of criminals is just as much the elitist way as criminalizing tradition values. So here’s my question: What’s so different about this time that the judge is coming down so hard on this man? One hint. It has nothing to do with the women he assaulted. That’s obviously not bothered judges before now. So what was it? The answer: Because he was impersonating a so called “transgender”.  Had he gone on in and assaulted the women dressed as a man I’m sure the courts would have been much more merciful.

In any case, it’s obvious that this didn’t happen in a school. But that should offer no comfort to those who have entrusted their children to the same institution that is lockstep with this lunacy in its highest echelons.  And when you’re dealing with children, assaults can more easily be hidden. It’s so common for victims to come forward with reports of abuse, only after they’ve matured, that it’s barely newsworthy anymore.

But it’s much more subtle and darker than just that. When we consider that the whole system exists in a moral maze that is ever changing, and that there are many in the system who make it their business to confuse and indoctrinate innocent children who are not equipped or prepared to fend it off, it gets even more dangerous. When you entrust the state with your children, you are entrusting them to an institution that is designed to confuse them on matters of morality, especially as it concerns sexuality. So is a parent supposed to be comforted by this? Is a parent supposed to be thrilled that the institution will do everything it can to confuse children and then throw those confused children into coed showers?  I think not. In the end it’s a recipe for disaster. But that’s liberalism. And liberalism is all about liberalism and so it follows that the liberal institution is all about the institution. A child in a government school is a guinea pig in a massive social experiment that is hurting a lot of people, most of them children.

You need to know that the perverted elite class has no problem sacrificing your child. It is of no consequence to them. Chances are almost certain that their children will never step foot into the sewer that they’ve created.  They are bent on perversion, and if someone else’s child gets hurt in the process, well that’s just the price of “progress”.

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Reason 65: Because Education Is More Than Just Teaching Facts, It’s Teaching Values Also

Matt Walsh has a written an excellent column titled:

Parents, Teach Your Kids To Be Virtuous. The Schools Can’t Do It For You.

He addresses the violence in schools, its racial component and the institution’s  view of the hierarchical value of some of those students over others in the system.  He explains it like this:

…there is a hierarchy of Approved Victim Groups. Blacks are above teachers and women, but below gays and transgenders. Naturally, white men, white conservative women, and Christians are all at the bottom of the pyramid. Liberals don’t mind bullying and victimization so long as the hierarchy is respected. In other words, bullying must always be directed downwards, from the superior victim group to the inferior. That means a homosexual cross dressing fetishist who calls himself “transgender” may sexually harass underage girls by walking into their bathroom or locker room, and liberals will applaud. But if a straight man so much as looks at a woman sideways, or compliments her in a matter that makes her feel uncomfortable, liberals will say she’s been raped. Do you see how this works? Victimization must be ordered properly according to the liberal Victim Hierarchy. The highest victims can be victimized by no one, the lowest by everyone, and the ones in between only by those above them. It’s a very confusing system that requires years of study and many lost brain cells to understand.

Of course, the institutions values are fluid, if they exist at all. How can a person, or an institution, in one year promote and then celebrate a homophobic bigot named Barack Obama for president, and then before his first term is even up call all those who say the same thing evil because…, well, they’re homophobic bigots?  And of course its suddenly ok that Obama said it, even before he evolved himself, because he’s a liar anyway… which is ok I guess because he is after all, Barack Obama. Such are the values in the fluid and mixed up institution that you should vacate yesterday.

So with this, perhaps  you ought not be surprised if the school house is a little violent… and a little confusing. But I have a suggestion for you, a better way. Rescue your child from this hell and teach him yourself. It’s probably the only hell you’ll ever be able to rescue him from, and he’ll thank you for it some day, and it will all be worth it.


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Reason 43: Because You Live In A Cruel World And 6 Is Too Young An Age To Be Sent Out Amongst It


When A 6-Year-Old Gets Off the Bus in Her Underwear, Mom Never Expected this Excuse From the School

When you put your child on that government bus, you have effectively lost control of her circumstances.  You, and worse your child also, are at the mercy of a cruel institution. Your only hope is that decent human beings will intervene when darkness threatens.  But they aren’t always present.  Such was the case for this poor little girl.

From the article:

The 6-year-old girl was in class at Belle Terre Elementary School in Palm Coast when she raised her hand, needing to go to the bathroom. When the teacher reportedly ignored the girl, she did what kids are known to do when they just can’t hold it in any longer, soiling her underwear and pants.

Six year olds are not adults.  They have almost zero life experience. It’s difficult for grown ups, including parents, to grasp that.  It seems silly to us that a child wouldn’t just get up and go if she had to.  But at that age authority is still important and that’s a good thing if the authority is worthy of being honored.  So how did the “authority” handle this six year old’s natural compulsory calling? The answer is nothing short of abuse:

Rather than call the McCurdys to bring a change of clothes, the girl’s parents say that the school forced her to ride home on the school bus in nothing but a soiled shirt and a pair of school-issued underwear. It led to the girl being “picked on, bullied” and “laughed at,” her mother Jennifer said.

It never ceases to amaze me that parents cannot see that the schoolhouse is no friend to their children.  It is a minefield of   abusive teachers and peers, and no child is equipped to negotiate it.

The Dad is now on a campaign and has “hired a lawyer in connection to the incident,explaining that they don’t want any child to be placed in such a situation again.”  Hey Dad, there’s only one way to ensure that.  Bring your child home!  She will get a better education, and she will have a better childhood.

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