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Reason 324: Because Critical Thinking Is Critical

I heard a woman on a talk radio show years ago who was black. I’ll never forget her words. “If you can’t read, you can only know what people tell you”.  She had grasped the reality that the institution was not going to do her children any favors. But there’s something I’d add to that. And that is, if you don’t learn to think critically, you won’t think at all. I personally like what John Gatto called the public school’s indoctrination: “Pre-thought thoughts”.

Here we have a video of a Christian apologist, Frank Turek, and a university student who has been programmed his entire life in the public school with pre-thought thoughts involving evolution:

I called my daughter in to watch this video. I told her, tell me the logical fallacy when you hear it. She pounced on it right away. Why? Because she’s been taught critical thinking. She probably couldn’t argue the point like Mr. Turek, but she will hear the pre-thought thoughts for what they are, which is indoctrination of lies and deceptions. Turek says correctly that evolution is based on philosophy much more than science.

The institution will not teach your child to think critically. No,that’s because critical thinking is not thinking befitting of slaves.

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