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Reason 286: Because It’s Foolish To Let Fools Teach Your Children About Sex

In “The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire”, Gibbons tells of a barbarian who discovers in his loot some pearls in a leather pouch. The barbarian throws the pearls away and keeps the pouch because he saw the utility of the pouch, but he just couldn’t see the utility of the little white spheres; that, and he was ignorant of the value of the pearls, so he simply discarded them.

This is what the institution has done with marriage. Secular humanism is a utilitarian religion. It sees no value in human life, only its utility, hence thier love of euhpenasian and the butchers at Planned Parenthood. This view also affects its view on sexuality. Sex outside of marriage for them is a decision based on utility. Gratification is the goal. That sex in the context of a life-long commitment called marriage is looked at in the same way that the barbarian looked at the pearls.

The pearl is the becoming one with another human being, and producing children. But the institution discards both in favor of simply gratifying sexual desires. It sees sex outside of marriage, not as a moral issue, but rather as a pragmatic one. It lumps pregnancy in with diseases as one of the problems that can be encountered while getting your gratification, both of which might be prevented with condoms or “surgery”. That’s the institution’s mindset… the same institution that you charge with “educating” your children when you send them to public school.

I say all of this to introduce this article:

STUDY: Teen pregnancy shoots up when schools give kids condoms

The article is about a study that proves what has been obvious all along to many: that when the authority in a young person’s life accommodates a risky action, an action by the way that the young person is hard-wired to desire anyway, the more likely it is that the young person will engage in that activity. Parents don’t generally give their children high-powered race cars, a helmet, and fire-retardant clothing, and then tell them to drive safely. That would be a confusing message. But that’s exactly what they’re doing when they delegate their authority as a parent to the institution when it comes to sex. As I’ve said here many times, the institution is not morally neutral. That would be impossible. The institution has a morality, it teaches a morality, and that morality dictates that only “risky” sex is wrong. It’s wrong because it can cause problems, like having to call in the butchers to kill the offspring, or, you may contract a disease. But at the same time, it insists that it is more wrong to impose moral judgments on young people who engage in sex outside of marriage, and it will judge harshly anyone who attempts to impose any concept of objective truth on sexual activity, even you dear parent. Sex is not a gift befitting fools, and the institution is run by fools who have thrown away the pearls and kept the pouch.

The gift of sex is not a gift befitting of fools, and the institution is run by fools who have thrown away the pearls and kept the pouch.

But don’t you fail in this area. Remember, sex outside of marriage would still be wrong if it didn’t produce unwanted children or disease. It’s wrong because God says its wrong. Don’t be dragged into debates on how your children might circumvent God’s design without suffering the consequences. The consequences of sin always go beyond the obvious. There is a higher order and the more our lives are synchronized with that order, the happier and healthier, both mentally and physically, all who do are.  And the more you teach your children this truth the happier and healthier they’ll be. And the further you keep them from fools who desire to teach them the opposite, the easier that task will be for you.




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Reason 110: Because What Your Child Is Taught Can Come Back To Haunt You

Here is a little meme that I thought was appropriate:

Why would so many people knowingly send their children off to an institution where they will be taught a utilitarian view of human life while at the same time knowing that they will become old and feeble one day?

Man has historically looked to his children for care during his elderly years. Not that anyone necessarily had children for that reason, but it was understood that parents would be advocated for, protected, and provided for when they grew too old to work, their children.

With the current social system resources are simply taken from the productive by force, sanitized from the knowledge that it was healthy productive offspring who produced them, and then handed over to the aging entitlement minded masses who also happen to be dependable voters come election day. This provided the offspring the allusion that they could shed responsibilities involving the care of parents, and it also gave them the fool-hearty notion that having children was a dreary waste of precious time.

But the whole thing is a sham; a sort of ponzi-scheme-for-votes program cooked up in a Cloward-Piven type laboratory by short-sighted elitists convinced that Eden wasn’t all that difficult to achieve.

With several generations passing through the institution where this mental disconnect between the producer and the god/state benefactor has been indoctrinated into young minds, society now considers the idea of raising children as drab and passe. So many don’t bother. And those who do bother get them out of their hair as quickly as possible by sending them to the institution to properly indoctrinated. And then one day they are shocked to learn that the utilitarian state they helped to create due to their lack of utility.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you. It is wise to save and invest for the future. But those investments don’t all have to be financial. The god/state will go broke, and your financial investments will be confiscated. The god/state is investing in its future too you see, by ensuring that the institution indoctrinates your children to serve it, not you. Your children are one investment that you should keep for yourself… for your children’s sake for sure, but for your own also!

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Reason 23: Because Schools Love Sex, Lies And IUD’s

From  “The Free Thought Project”

11-yo Girls Can Now Get Birth Control Devices Implanted in them at School, Without Parents Knowing

To some, having their daughters dress like prostitutes, and then steep both their sons and daughters in a sex-worshiping media, and then send them off to an institution that will hide any “surprises” that come as a result, is the grandest of ideas;  all in the name of getting a good education of course.  If this is you, then you’ll just love this Oregon school district.  They’ll make sure your little girl doesn’t get knocked up by  implanting an IUD into her uterus.  And not only do you not have to worry about knowing about it, but better than that even, you don’t have to pay for it.  And of course, if your little girl does get impregnated by some young boy, or maybe not so young boy, there’s always Planned Parenthood who won’t tell a soul, even if the man was twice your daughter’s age.  This way the state can fix what it sees as a major problem, helping kids of all ages have lots of sex, sex, sex; and at the same time saving the planet from overpopulation.

From the article:

Even with this nationwide decline , [in birth rates] public schools in Washington are going the extra mile. School-based health clinics in at least 13 Seattle-area public high schools and middle schools now offer long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs), including IUDs and hormonal implants.

These services are available to students in sixth-grade and above at no cost (to the student), according to Washington State officials. The costs are covered by the taxpayers.

The idea of the state taking on the role of gynecological advisor for girls as young as 11-years-old, without their parents’ knowledge, has a slew of ominous implications associated with it.

The irony here is that soda pop is banned in Seattle schools, yet an 11-year-old girl can have a procedure to implant a birth control device inside her, without her parents consent!


In the state’s perverted thinking, the health risk of a soda pop, or an Oreo cookie, is bad, but the harmful side effects of IUD’s, birth control, and being used like a urinal for young boys to relieve themselves is no problem at all.  But a cookie and a cola, no way.

Does this make sense to anyone?  Evidently yes. This is state run, which governs according to the consent of the governed.  And school attendance is not compulsory.  But always remember, you don’t have to live this way.

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