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Reason 363: Because You Loose Your Parental Rights If You Don’t

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, as they say. And there’s more than one way to confiscate your children. And I’d add that not all ways are equal in terms of difficulty. Now if the state just came to your house and took your children, we all know that that would be a messy affair, especially when the ballot box still counts for a little something. Suffice it to say that doing this would make the magistrate unpopular.  And then there’s the expense. The state would have to feed and care for millions (?) of children, so they’d have to hire people to do that. So as pragmatism settles out, it has been discovered that the best way to confiscate children is through the institution. That way the state can have the children, and its cake too. And, the parents are content to have their children on the weekend, and a few weeks in the summer, and still bear the expense. And after all, at the end of the day the state gets what it wants, their minds.

Here is a great article by Matt Walsh. He looks at a hiccup that happened in the system when a mother gets the notion that her child is still her’s.

Your Parental Rights Don’t Exist When You Send Your Kid To Public School

The story is based on a child who missed more days than the state allows. (“the state ‘allows‘”. You see? That’s slave thinking.) I love the way Walsh puts it:

You see, according to the compulsory attendance policy at her kid’s public school in Georgia, the district will magnanimously allow a parent to keep their kid home from school up to five times in a year without a doctor’s note. Once they exceed that magically arbitrary fifth “unexcused” absence, every succeeding incident must be specifically prescribed by a medical professional. Even if the parent feels the child should stay home, the school will not allow it unless a doctor agrees. Otherwise, the parent could be thrown in jail, which is a totally reasonable response.

Julie’s son unfortunately made the mistake of getting sick more times than the school allows, and so a warrant was issued for his mom’s arrest.

Keep in mind, this is not a unique or uncommon situation. Julie is only the latest in a long, long, long line of parents who have been violently reminded that we live in a fascist state where liberty is, increasingly, a mere fiction.

It’s a great read. And he does a great job of pointing out the obvious problems with this insanity. But the great thing is, you don’t have to participate in it. And an even greater thing is, neither does your child. And as I’ve said before here, the fact that you still have the liberty to keep your child is nothing short of God’s providence. It’s a miracle. God does provide a way.


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Reason 241: Because The Institution’s Never Going To Be Honest About Their Plans For Your Children

“Orwellian” is an adjective describing creepy names for creepy organizations and bureaucracies that are the opposite of what the group is actually up to. The job of the Ministry Of Truth, for example, is to hide the truth. And the Ministry Of Peace was anything but peaceful.

Orwell was looking forward with amazing insight. We can see it in this article:

Congress Plotting to Psychologically Profile Children

I’m not so sure however it’s congress up to no good. Its main goal seems to be to keep the media off it’s back and get reelected. We know that they’re too busy doing that to read the million page monstrosities called “laws” that they load up on the backs of Americans every year. But not so with the Democrat party hacks, shakers and movers. We learn what we need to know from this article concerning who’s behind it from the first line:

After passing an Obama-backed education bill that undermines parental rights and state and local control over schools under the guise of making every student “succeed,” Congress is plotting its next unconstitutional “education” scheme: a bill to fund psychological testing and profiling of your child  and the data-mining to go with it. Under the scheme, which already sailed through the U.S. Senate late last year, schools would vacuum up huge amounts of data on students, including information on their “social and emotional learning,” attitudes, values, beliefs, and more.

You’ve gotta love the name of the new law:

The legislation, dubbed Strengthening Education Through Research Act, or SETRA, purports to re-authorize and fund an array of expired unconstitutional Bush-era federal programs under the Education Sciences Reform Act. The Senate SETRA bill was shepherded through with “unanimous consent” and no recorded vote by Republican Senator and former U.S. Education Secretary Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, one of the key figures behind the Orwellian Obama-backed monstrosity known as the “Every Student Succeeds Act” (ESSA). Along with other establishment Republicans, Alexander conspired with the Obama administration,as they bragged later, to cement Common Core in place nationwide and shred parental rights with the unconstitutional ESSA statute. All the while, Alexander and others pretended that the bill restored state and local control over education. While the new SETRA scheme passed easily in the Senate, the legislation is currently being held up in the House amid a massive public outcry surrounding privacy rights, parental rights, and other concerns.

But it’s a miracle that you don’t have to subject your child to the madness that is government education and indoctrination. But it’s a miracle that you must act on.


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Reason 234: Because A Thug Mentality Brings Out The Worst In The Schoolhouse Management

Yesterday we saw a girl being beaten by her peers because she wouldn’t help them cheat. Today, we see more of the same:

UPDATE: SC teacher suspended after questioning standardized tests

Just remember one thing, when you’re dealing with government bureaucrats collectively, you’re dealing with thugs.  They’re like maggots under a rock, and they DO NOT like for that rock to be lifted up. Also, keep in mind there are millions of laws, codes and regulations at their disposal by which they can turn you into a criminal before you can say bankruptcy.

It’s so sad to see good teachers who are so naive that they still think the schoolhouse exists to teach children. No! If you want children to be taught you will keep them far from the schoolhouse.

The core issue with Common Core is money if you haven’t figured that out yet. In that way it’s no different than other issues. There’s an enormous amount of money invested in this latest savior program; and when it comes to money, it’s better to try to take a rack of ribs away from a hungry lion than to mess with the bureaucracy machine.

Here are some interesting parts of the letter this teacher wrote that precipitated the institution’s ire:

“I object to forcing children to sit through hours of bubble tests when they don’t even understand what they are doing and why they are doing it,” Happel wrote in her letter. “This is inhumane.”

Happel, a mother of two, taught for 25 years in Wisconsin before she moved to South Carolina last fall and joined the West Oak Middle School staff. Unlike Wisconsin, parents cannot opt their children out of standardized tests in South Carolina, and Happel thinks it’s unfair.

“We need help getting a law in South Carolina to opt out,” she said.

And while Happel’s most immediate concerns center on her students, she’s also troubled by broader issues with what she terms the “federal invasion” of public education through President Obama’s Race to the Top education initiative, which incentivized states to participate in the national Common Core curriculum and associated tests.

“The scores are sent to the state education departments, which sends them to the federal department of education,” Happel said. “The constitution says education is a state’s right, not a federal right.”

How dare she say such things. Now Mrs. Happel is being shown some of the “tolerance” that the schoolhosue teaches its students.  Maybe she’ll learn then to understand that she’s just a cog in the machine, and to not imagine otherwise.

But as for you, she has a point. When it comes to the thugs and bullies at the government schoolhouse, best to keep them at a safe distance from your children.

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Reason 163: Because Bullies Don’t Help Children Not To Be Bullies

We might as well face it, the institution is a bully. But worse, it’s a hypocrite bully. It builds a monument to its bullying as it uses the full weight of the government bureaucracy to crush the little guy for opting out of its intolerant hell while simultaneously preaching tolerance and acceptance. It’s all just a big fat lie.

Here’s another story, this time from the heroes at HSLDA:

Homeschooling Grandma Hauled Into Court:

School district officials, skeptical of a grandmother’s claim that homeschooling is best for her recently orphaned granddaughter, have charged her with truancy—for an entire academic year.

The HSLDA member’s granddaughter had been going to public elementary school. But in 2013, after the girl was diagnosed with a sensory disorder and depression, her mother began researching other education options. At first, the mother tried to get the school to provide her daughter with reduced-size classes, but when the school refused, she withdrew her daughter and homeschooled her for the 2013–14 school year.

Unfortunately, in May 2014 the mother unexpectedly became ill and passed away only a week before completing her own college education. Undaunted, our member took over the homeschooling of her orphaned granddaughter.

What I was personally subjected to in the government institution was criminal, in my opinion. And now this massive, bloated, intolerant, hell-hole wants to go after a poor grandmother for trying to do the best she can by her deceased daughter’s child. I am confident that, if you’re a decent human being, this is not the kind of institution that you want teaching your children.

Please visit and read more at:


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Reason 157: Because Of Bureaucratic Chaos

This looks like it was written by a teacher in the institution. How would anyone else know what the chaos is like?

There are a lot of fine teachers in the system I’m sure who are slugging it out with the system and social norms everyday, and my hat is off to them.

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Reason 153: Simply Because The Machine Wants Your Children In The First Place

When you’re the machine, and you see an increasing exodus from the bowels of your bureaucratic hell, what do you do? You become a bully, that’s what you do. Except you become a bully that would make the school yard terror seem like a lap kitten. How? That’s easy, you use the power of the bureaucracy, the millions of laws and regulations at your disposal, and the millions of dollars confiscated from the citizenry, then you turn those parents, who love their children enough to spare them from your indoctrination, into criminals.

We can see this in Ohio where the institution is doing just that:

Homeschoolers face 23 yrs. in jail for late paperwork

A bit from the article:

Despite the fact that each of the families were relatively new to homeschooling in Ohio — along with hundreds of other families around the country who report having trouble navigating their state’s notice requirements for the first time each year — school district officials filed criminal complaints against them.

This severe course of action of having both families served — which can cost them tens of thousands of dollars in fines and decades behind bars — has baffled attorneys with the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), which serves its 80,000 member families across America.

“Even when a family may have missed a key filing deadline, these situations can often be quickly corrected,” HSLDA Staff Attorney Peter Kamakawiwoole. “And usually, if the family resolves the issue promptly, state officials rarely pursue further action — like criminal prosecution — against the parents.”

Once they discovered the errors, both families quickly righted the wrong(s) … but no matter.

Thank God for the Home School Legal Defense Fund, and organization that exists because of the preponderance of bureaucratic hacks. My advice to the institution is for them to take a look into their own closets, there’s plenty of scum floating around in there. My advice to all parents is get your children out of those closets yesterday.

Read more at:


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