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Reason 352: Because The Only Agenda That Should Matter Is Yours

It would seem, given the numbers in our article today, that homeschooling is catching on, and that is a promising thing for our future. And it would seem that the moral decadence pushed by the institution has played no small part in the increase we’re all watching. Since  the time that the courts have begun to decree what the people have voted down, there really is no alternative for parents who don’t want their children being a rat in the social laboratory that is the institution.

Here is an article that discusses this:

Pressed By Common Core And LGBT Agenda, More Families Homeschool

a bit from the article:

In addition, LGBTQ activists have successfullyinundated schools with their approved ideology inside sex education that starts now as early as kindergarten. With these problems in public schools and many families unwilling or unable to afford the cost of private schooling, more and more families are choosing homeschooling as an alternative. This ensures they can avoid educational indolence and moral apathy while picking and choosing what learning method, curriculum, and schedule works best for their family.

Please don’t think your school is different. It isn’t. If you want your child’s education to be different, then you’ll have to take them away from Ceasor, and educate them at home.


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Reason 340: Because Common Core Is A Done Deal. Next? SEL

One of the most fascinating things to watch in the political arena is the battles between those who think as individuals according to principles and those who simply think what they’re supposed to think. Conservatives are more of a group of groups pulling against each other, fighting with each other, and undermining each other. That’s just the nature of the beast. People who are not subject to group think are almost impossible to coalesce into monolithic force. But liberals are a different monster altogether. They are without principle and their thinking was programmed with pre-thought thoughts. Yes, they will call themselves free thinkers, that’s what they’ve been programmed to do. I just want someone to explain to me how free thinker’s thoughts are so aligned with the masses of people who think just like them.

So conservatives fight old battles over and over again and lose while the liberal slave masters are already on to the next big thing. Common core is done. If you send your child to government schools, they will be common-cored.  But there is already another battle on the horizon that conservatives will lose. It’s the latest fad called SEL. (Social Emotional Learning) Someone with some pull had a brainstorm. And now your children will be the guinea pigs.  Here is the article:

The Latest Big Education Fad, Social-Emotional Learning, Is As Bad As It Sounds

Just a little taste of the article:

CASEL is the big gorilla in the zoo of social-emotional learning, or SEL. Having proved so adept at (or perhaps having given up on) teaching students English, math, science, and history, state progressive-education establishments are joining CASEL to explore more esoteric pursuits. Better to diminish academic content knowledge and push SEL: “self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.”

Of course there is a way to win this for you. You don’t have to send your child into this brainwashing situation. You can keep them home and give them a decent education. If there’s one thing  one ought to have figured out in a society gone insane, it’s that doing what everyone else is doing might not only be a bad idea, it might be the cause of the insanity.


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Reason 301: Because It’s A Great Third Option

You can send your children to an institution that has been in decline since it indoctrinated you for the purpose of that same decline. Yes, that’s one option. Or you can send your child to the declining institution while fighting a losing battle against the same institution’s decline. And that would be another option. But there is a third option. You can put them in an institution that is better than the state’s institution, even if that institution was not in decline. Which institution is that? Why the institution of the traditional family. In other words, you could homeschool.

In our article today, you can see that if you live in the US, you no longer live under the rule of a representative republic, nor do you live in a state ruled by a democracy. Yes, you can vote, but your vote only counts when it is in agreement with the oligarchy, as we can see demonstrated in this article:

Court Rules For Gates Backed Group, Kills Common Core Ballot Measure

From the article:

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has ruled  that the language of the proposed  Common Core ballot initiative is unconstitutional.

The court decided that the multi-part question would put voters in the state in an “untenable position” in deciding between two separate policy issues. In the ruling, the court explained that voters would have to  vote yes or no on both the standards and the assessment and that this represented two related yet separate questions.

Apparently, only congressmen are smart enough to put hundreds of unrelated laws into a bill and vote on it.  But it’s “unconstitutional” for you to do the same because you’re just too stupid.

It’s worth noting that his was the same state’s court that would be the first to find in their constitution that the word marriage, as it had been understood throughout human history, was no longer to be understood that way.  So what to do? You can win elections, but the court will decide happens based on nothing more than whim and fiat. But for now, providence has blinded the eyes of the court to a freedom that you can exercise legally, and it is indeed a precious freedom. It is the freedom to educate and indoctrinate your children as you think best. Please don’t look back when you see the mental carnage that the institution has inflicted on your child’s mind and wish. Exercise your liberty and make your children wise today.


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Reason 285: Because When The Blind Leads The Blind They Both Fall In A Ditch

When you think government always think big: big debt, big legislation, big prisons, big government and big failure. Of course, the failure part is no big deal for big government. It can always tax and print more cash for its failures. But you can’t print more children when their failure affects your children.

So we have this article:

They Think They’re ‘Smarter’

It seems one of the Senators, a Republican, can’t believe that the big education bureaucracy is not implementing his big, massive, monstrosity of a bill the way it’s supposed to be implemented. The article puts it like this:

Despite his apparent inattention to warnings that the bill was a monstrosity that contained no binding provisions meant to contain or decrease federal power in favor of state and local control, Sen. Alexander now accuses the new chief of the Education Department of doing exactly what many observers expected the overbearing feds to do.

This article showcases the big pride of big government as knowing more than you, the little parent, about how a big, bloated, self-serving, out-of-control government can provide your offspring with a better education than you can. Let them think so. But let them think so as you ignore their blind stupidity and teach your children to avoid the pits that the prideful blind just can’t seem to see.

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Reason 280: Because Your Child Is Unique

One of the things I’ve learned as a parent first, and as a teacher in our home second, is that our children are different. I don’t think this is a big revelation for anyone with more than one child. But as far as the state is concerned, it might just as well be living under a rock.  The state sees education from a paper doll mentality. All it’s “customers” are cut from the same piece of paper, and look exactly alike. Please don’t confuse this approach to education with the state’s divide-and-conquer mentality about those over which it rules.  Keeping citizens in an uproar and angry over skin color and income is not education.

But in the end, that’s how the state does approach everything, and that’s also why the state is not very good at much. If one person does something wrong it responds by making laws that take liberty from all. It doesn’t feel the need to punish evil, only make more innocent people into criminals using nothing more than ink and pin. When its report card looks really really rotten, it responds by starting a new program, like Common Core, that assumes that every child rolled off  some assembly line somewhere, all the while touting their “diversity” interestingly enough.

This is also true with the schoolhouse. When its report card looks really really rotten, it responds by starting a new program for every child, like Common Core, that assumes that every child rolled off  some assembly line somewhere, all the while touting their “diversity” interestingly enough. If they really believed in diversity, as I do, they would know that their one-size-fits-all solutions were not solutions, but rather are causes for the need for ever more “solutions”.

So we have this story:

Common Core Does Not Prepare Students for College, New Report Finds

From the article:

The “one-size-fits-all” national standards are underserving American children. It is nearly impossible, and does a great disservice to future generations, to demand uniformity and place restrictions on the classroom that assumes one “best practice.”

Each child’s unique abilities require variation in teaching styles and curriculums. Common Core limits a parent’s say in their child’s curriculum, making the possibility of an education suited to his needs a near impossibility. Unfortunately, this report indicates that in an attempt to create uniform standards for achievement, Common Core fails to create the building blocks necessary to prepare aspiring students for college-level work.

Fail! And predictably so. But is it really failing? Well, that depends on what its goals were. If those goals were to prepare children for life and college, the state fails horribly. But if its goals are to create serfs, then they are successful beyond their wildest dreams.

That’s one problem I have with articles like this. They never question the state’s goals. They assume that the parents and the state’s goals are the same. But they’re not. With the state’s goals, it really doesn’t matter that each child is unique. For their purposes, they don’t have to be concerned about such things. In fact, when it’s done with your child their main goal is that he will be walking and thinking lock step with the confederation of evil.

But if you want your child to enter his unique calling, and become who God meant for him or her to be, then your best bet is to forgo what we in this house call “The Democrat Factory”, which is that flat-roofed, windowless building you see in the center of every neighborhood.


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Reason 237: Because When It Comes To Raising Your Children, You’re The Expert

This article informs all of us something that I already knew:

Texas School Triples Recess Time And Sees Immediate Positive Results In Kids

A small excerpt:

“There was a part of me that was very nervous about it,” said first-grade teacher Donna McBride. “I was trying to wrap my head around my class going outside four times a day and still being able to teach those children all the things they needed to learn.”

I love the word “needed”. Needed? Says who? The expert bureaucrat, that’s who. And why do they need it? Because there’s a Common Core test that must be passed, that’s why. And why is that important? Because there are hordes of data-mesmerised bureaucrats in some windowless office in D.C. somewhere that “care” about it.

One of the first things I learned as a homeschooler, however, was that homeschooling is easiest when the children are youngest, and it actually takes very little time of sitting in the torturous desk.  This teacher is working under a false notion that her students are just machines that need data entry. But they’re not. They’re human beings. They were not designed by their creator to be confined to a desk for 6 hours a day. This teacher is not only not allowed to think that they were created by a creator, she is supposed to think that the god/state has all the answers and it must never be questioned.

But when you keep your children at home you will learn that they are never not learning, even when they look like they’re playing. But don’t try to tell that to the experts. Just realize it yourself, and raise healthy, well-adjusted children.


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Reason 234: Because A Thug Mentality Brings Out The Worst In The Schoolhouse Management

Yesterday we saw a girl being beaten by her peers because she wouldn’t help them cheat. Today, we see more of the same:

UPDATE: SC teacher suspended after questioning standardized tests

Just remember one thing, when you’re dealing with government bureaucrats collectively, you’re dealing with thugs.  They’re like maggots under a rock, and they DO NOT like for that rock to be lifted up. Also, keep in mind there are millions of laws, codes and regulations at their disposal by which they can turn you into a criminal before you can say bankruptcy.

It’s so sad to see good teachers who are so naive that they still think the schoolhouse exists to teach children. No! If you want children to be taught you will keep them far from the schoolhouse.

The core issue with Common Core is money if you haven’t figured that out yet. In that way it’s no different than other issues. There’s an enormous amount of money invested in this latest savior program; and when it comes to money, it’s better to try to take a rack of ribs away from a hungry lion than to mess with the bureaucracy machine.

Here are some interesting parts of the letter this teacher wrote that precipitated the institution’s ire:

“I object to forcing children to sit through hours of bubble tests when they don’t even understand what they are doing and why they are doing it,” Happel wrote in her letter. “This is inhumane.”

Happel, a mother of two, taught for 25 years in Wisconsin before she moved to South Carolina last fall and joined the West Oak Middle School staff. Unlike Wisconsin, parents cannot opt their children out of standardized tests in South Carolina, and Happel thinks it’s unfair.

“We need help getting a law in South Carolina to opt out,” she said.

And while Happel’s most immediate concerns center on her students, she’s also troubled by broader issues with what she terms the “federal invasion” of public education through President Obama’s Race to the Top education initiative, which incentivized states to participate in the national Common Core curriculum and associated tests.

“The scores are sent to the state education departments, which sends them to the federal department of education,” Happel said. “The constitution says education is a state’s right, not a federal right.”

How dare she say such things. Now Mrs. Happel is being shown some of the “tolerance” that the schoolhosue teaches its students.  Maybe she’ll learn then to understand that she’s just a cog in the machine, and to not imagine otherwise.

But as for you, she has a point. When it comes to the thugs and bullies at the government schoolhouse, best to keep them at a safe distance from your children.

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Reason 205: Because The Institution Teaches A Different Culture

Here’s a great article from National Review regarding the Federal segment of your child’s government education. That segment has a name. It’s called the “Department Of Education”, a bloated, evil bureaucratic powerhouse charged with turning your child into a government worshipping slave.

Central planning works no better in education than in economics.

It seems President Obama has elected governor of the province of education. The vote to confirm John King Jr. was a party line vote with the usual “Republicans” voting with the Democrats. But there was a lone senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, who voted against his confirmation who happens to hail from the same state as King. This was her reason for voting against him:

“King’s tenure in New York,” she said, “was very adversarial, leaving families, students, and teachers without a voice on important issues.”

But there’s something odd about this man, and I honestly don’t know what to make of it. The bad blood revolves around Common Core, which King is, of course, a supporter of. But he’s managed to alienate his fellow lefties somewhere along the line. The article goes on to say why some others from New York didn’t want King to head up the indoctrination of your child:

The issues to which [Gillibrand] refers are those surrounding the Common Core curriculum. King’s support of Common Core irritated not only Senator Gillibrand, but the leftist Network for Public Education, the New York State United Teachers union, and a gaggle of Republican congressmen — one of whom said that King’s unbending support for the Common Core curriculum had “resulted in the near-destruction of public education in New York State.”

In this little blip on the radar of the destruction of America, this article sets the table for an account by Benjamine Franklin of an interaction between Virgina and the Iroquois Indians. After a treaty was signed between Virgina and this tribe, in an act of good will the Virginians offered to education 12 of the Iroquois sons. I’ll let you read the article, but what struck me was the fact that this was an intersection of cultures. As you read this article keep in mind that the institution’s campus down the street is a different culture than yours. It is a vassal, or colony, filled with the likes of John King Jr. You are not sending your child to a culture like the one outside the fenced-in compound. These Iroquois Indians understood this. And in the same way the Virginians would not be willing to send their sons to be trained by this tribe, the institution will not let you train any of the children inside the compound down the street. You will find them very picky about what they will allow into the minds of those put in their charge.

But you don’t have to let the state steal your child’s mind. You can always elect to teach them in the culture of your father’s.

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Reason 191: Because Common Core Might Just Be This Bad

A little humor, even though there’s nothing funny about Common Core:

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Reason 171: Because Secular Humanism Is No Match For Islam

Secular humanism decrees that all cultures are valid and equal. It’s patronizing hubris in decreeing such an obvious falsehood shows the depths of deception into which its arrogance has led it. Of course, if the humanist actually believed what he decreed, he would embrace all religions, and not all religions except for the Christian religion. But that simply is not the case. It overtly hates Christianity and loves Islam, and there’s ample proof coming out of the school systems to make that case.

It seems some parents are going to try their hand at protecting the machine. I say good luck. But in the end it will win, and if it has its way, it will have all your children praising the state in the name of Allah.

What’s fascinating however is the Islamic advocacy groups liberal textbook response of simply playing the victim and counter-accusing of extremist intolerance. At the 1:37 remark their written response is shown:

[These people who want all religions taught equally are] displaying an alarming level of intolerance and brazen disregard of minority religions here in the United States. We find their actions un-American.

When you have no reference point, you have no place to stand. The schoolhouse down the street has nothing solid to stand on, but you do, and I suggest you stand on it lest your children die standing on Jihad.

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