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Reason 293: Because You Wouldn’t Throw Open The Doors Of Your Home For Just Anyone With An Opinion, Why Would You Do It WIth Your Child’s Mind

If you have bought the line that the schoolhouse down the street is all about education, you’ve bought a lie–hook, line, and sinker. The schoolhouse is like a fort with gates and gatekeepers. And those gatekeepers have the full power of the federal and state government behind them. They can and do deny entrance to any organization or people who might shed some light on the wool that is being pulled over the children’s eyes who attend there. But for those who are spreading horrible lies, like the butchers atPlanned Parenthood, who butcher children and sell their parts, the doors are swung open wide and the red carpet is rolled out.

Here is an article about a resolution passed in Portland Public schools under the guise of environmentalism. Never forget that when it comes to the public school, environmentalist support abortion, because humans are bad for the earth. And they also support Marxism, because too many people are using up too much of the earth’s resources. All of these groups and organizations support each other because they are each other.

The article:


From the article:

Portland Public Schools, the largest school district in Oregon, passed a Resolution on April 19, 2016 that ought to be called ‘How to brainwash 49,000 students and force teachers to teach communism’.

The objectives laid out in this Resolution are startling, revealing and directly aligned with the Green movement’s national plan, now underway, to politically indoctrinate America’s children.

The Portland Public Schools (PPS) Resolution No. 5272 is a “Resolution to Develop an Implementation Plan for Climate Literacy”. This Resolution gained national attention for banning books that question the validity of global warming claims. The Resolution states:

“PPS will abandon the use of any adopted text material that is found to express doubt about the severity of the climate crisis or its root in human activities.”

Your children are to believe that their government can actually adjust the temperature of the planet, if only… if only they will ensure that that government is given the power. They are to believe not only that their government can accomplish this god-like feat, but that it must  lest we all die!!! And for a thank you to your children for “doing their part” that same government will have the power to turn them into nice little slaves.

You want your children to know the truth while liars must suppress the truth. And the schoolhouse is a machine when it comes to suppressing the truth, a tool in the hands of those who have plans for the nation and your children.

But it’s still legal to educate them in a realistic view of reality. They don’t have to be given over to an alternate fantasy land that wherein god-like humans can make our climate better, and we can live life in peace and security with our Lords looking over us, and protecting us, and making sure that we never have a need. But it’s up to you to do this. No one else can, and no one else is going to.


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