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“If you feel incapable of teaching your own children it’s because you were taught that you were not capable”

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More quotes:

  • Homeschooling seems like a radical idea. Why? Because we are [indoctrinated]  (my word, not hers, but still the same thing)   to think that way.
  • But instead [of being self-learners] public schools teach children that they must be
  • in a classroom with an instructor to learn.  (Why? Because the institution is first and foremost about power and union jobs, not teaching your children.)
  • [Public school children] only know what they’ve been taught, and can not think for themselves, so anything that challenges their worldview is perceived as hostile… (ever wonder why disagreement has become synonymous with hate?)
  • Public school forms a wedge between the child and the parent.
  • The school challenges the parent’s authority from day one. (And parents help. By sending their child to the government indoctrinators, the child can only see that as their endorsement of the indoctrinators)
  • Parents surrender their children to literal strangers. (There was a time when this was not necessarily true. A parent could at least have a little confidence that the worldview of the “strangers” would be somewhat in step with their own. Nothing could be further from the truth in this age. Not only is the parent handing their children to strangers, he is also handing his children off to people who are strange.)
  • Instead of utterly enervating, homeschooling is empowering. (The institution goes on about  “empowerment”. But it is beholden to Marxist empowerment which only prepares them for slavery and submission to the state while promising a Utopian paradise of equality.  If you want to truly empower your children, keep them far away from the institution.)
  • Have you ever done homework with your child? Then you’ve homeschooled. (The great thing is, however, that since the institution is so inefficient and distracted, and has higher priorities to indoctrinate your child into Marxism, sodomy, radical feminism, perversions, and America-hatred, that they’re already being homeschooled by you in the evenings, it’s just called homework. Why not remove the garbage from your child’s education? Remove the institution.) 

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Reason 158: Because The State Teaches Diversity-Hypocrisy

Anytime anyone has a hare-brained scheme in the name of “inclusion”, you can just know that a whole lot of excluding is coming your way. Case in point:

Minnesota elementary school bans Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas to be more inclusive of its diverse student population

The first line says it all:

A St. Paul, Minnesota elementary school has scrapped celebrations of Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in order to honor the diversity of its student population.

So in this principle’s mind everything should look the same as those who are… what? from out of country? in the name of diversity. But not only that, certain traditional celebrations ought to be excluded in the name of inclusion.

The worst is that this principle doesn’t see his hypocrisy. In our home we learn about all sorts of cultures, but we generally celebrate in accordance with the one we live in. But then again, we don’t confiscate our neighbor’s dollars at gunpoint to run our school either, like the school where this principle works does.

One has to wonder where this will lead. What can be celebrated? What traditions can be kept? In the end I don’t see how this thinking will accomplish anything but turning children into robots who don’t do anything… except what they’re told to do. And no one wants that for their child, I hope. But if they do, the government school is the place to get ‘er done.

Read more about this at:
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Reason 125: Because The Diversity That The State’s Established Religion Has Embraced Is A Sham

Where is it written that “diversity” is righteous? Answer? Nowhere. So why all the fuss over the matter? Well, like most all other moonbat schemes, they’re cooked up in the minds of elitist who are convinced that Utopia is possible and they’re the bright lights we should follow if that Utopia is to be ushered in.  But it isn’t wise to follow those whose compass always points toward themselves.

So these self-oriented moonbats who are running your child’s school have taken it on themselves to lift up diversity as worthy of worship. The only problem is that they fail to honor their little man-made god by rejecting diversity, and here we see an excellent example from England from “The Christian Institute”:

Govt fears homeschooling parents are ‘poisoning’ kids

The Education Secretary has ordered officials to review home education in England over fears that parents could be ‘poisoning’ their children’s minds.

According to senior Government sources, home schooling is now “on the radar”, and they want to discover exactly how many children are taught at home, beyond the reach of inspectors.

Poisoning the children’s minds? Might I suggest to them a little different wording than “poisoning their minds”? Wording that I in fact dredged up myself from their own intellectual and moral swamp? Why not say, “we fear that these parents are exercising too much diversity by teaching their children to think differently than we want them to think?”

Of course elitists are masters at compartmentalizing. When they want you to abandon your strongly held beliefs they speak from the compartment of moral relativism and diversity. But when your thinking doesn’t line up with  their thinking, then they speak from the compartment of “poisoning minds”.  Worse, they are so internally oriented, I’m convinced that they don’t even know that they’re doing it. And these are the people who are running the schoolhouse in your neighborhood. In the end the children placed in their charge are sent into the world confused, which is as it should be if the goal is for them to serve and worship the state and their elitist masters.

I wrote an article years ago which explains that I’m not poisoning my children’s minds, I’m poisoning their wells. I’m actually pointing out this very sort of hypocrisy to my children. We actually make these elitists the butts of our jokes as we laugh at their absurdity. But the results of sticking any child under their tutelage is no laughing matter at all. It’s a tragedy.


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Reason 107: Because The Institution Is Blinded By Hatred

From the Blaze:

School Official Keeps His Job After Apologizing for Shocking Statement on White, ‘Christian’ Men

What was the shocking statement this teacher made? This:

“The only terrorists we need to fear are domestic white ‘Christian’ men with easy access to guns. Vote Bernie”

I actually don’t think he should lose his job. He posted this on facebook. He didn’t teach it to any “children” at his high school that we know of. And while many, if not most, of Sanders’ supporters are all in for limiting your rights to be a buffoon on Facebook, I cannot join them. But it is worth noting a couple of things:

Brought to this world by Islam

  1. Hatred blinds. This person, who will be teaching people’s children, is so filled with hatred and bigotry against white Christian men he doesn’t even know that he is incapable of looking at recent history, and the literally thousands of deaths brought about by Islam, and see a problem. No, it’s Christian white men who are the real problem.

    Brought to this world by Islam

    So why did he say something so inconsistent with the obvious? Because a news event that appeared to fit his narrative of reality happened with the abortion clinic shooter in Colorado. Never mind that it was a delusional man with no apparent political or religious connections who walked into a human butcher shop and shot people.  And never mind that even if he had had religious and political connections, his death toll doesn’t hold a spark to Islamists who managed to murder over 3000 people in one city in a couple of hours. And never mind that more people die from guns wielded by black-non Christian men every day than white Christian men; no, never mind all that. White Christian men with guns are still the real problem. Such blindness boggles the mind. Yet, that same blind person teaches your children. And he is by no means alone. These sentiments fill people from the bottom to the upper echelons of the institution. Who would knowingly give that person permission to train their child?

  2. A rotten society is going to put rotten teachers in rotten schools filled with rotten kids. We know this. How can a rotten and morally retarded public school administration make moral judgments about the rottenness of its teachers? Answer? It can’t. The school system cannot be fixed.  There is but one option. Get your children out!

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Reason 103: Because The State Will Indoctrinate Your Child That They “Shall Have No Other Gods Before The State”

The war on Christmas is simply the December version of the war on God that is happening the other 12 months. And nowhere is this war hotter than the battles over the next generation taking place in your friendly neighborhood democrat factory down the street. Here we have one installment in that war from a Fox News Opinion Article:

Oh good grief! School district censors Charlie Brown Christmas

The latest yuletide lunacy comes from Johnson County, Kentucky where the school district has censored an elementary school presentation of “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

The district also ordered other schools to remove all religious references from their upcoming Christmas productions.

At one school, “Silent Night” was replaced with a Christmas version of the “Whip/Nae Nae” song.

Yes, good readers — apparently that is a real thing.

“How do you go from ‘Silent Night’ to the ‘Whip/Nae Nae,’” one distraught grandmother asked me. “We’re not at all happy about it.”

Teachers at W.R. Castle Elementary School were directed to remove the moving scene where Linus shares the true meaning of Christmas by reading from the Gospel of Luke.

Superintendent Tom Salyer confirmed to me that the entire passage was excised from the program after the district received a single complaint.

“We’re not reading that, sir,” Salyer told me. “It disappoints men that we have to do this.”

The superintendent, who said he is a church-going man, said he was simply following the advice of school district attorneys.

So how can the schoolhouse live up to its dogmatic insistence that it be “inclusive”, then exclude the traditions of the culture in which the schoolhouse is emmersed? It’s because Christmas time is a time of Christmas songs. And Christmas song point to a Christ. And the Christ claims to to above the state, not below it. And the state is NEVER going to go for that. The statist, in the name of the state, will be the arbiter of right and wrong, not Jesus. And anything that paints Jesus in a positive light simply will not be tolerated; not at Christmas time, and not any time.

But you have the option of sending your child to a school that can speak of Jesus all you want. And it can teach real tolerance, and real inclusion so that your child doesn’t grow up thinking that intolerance is tolerance and exclusion is inclusion, and that sodomy is marriage, and that gender is a figment of one’s imagination, and that the state is god and on and on. You can do that, if you want to. And it’s much easier than you would think.

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Reason 42: Because You Will Want Your Children To Know The True Meaning Of Words Like “Democracy” And “Republic”

From The Blaze

Middle school principal withholds student election results because the results aren’t diverse enough

“We’re not nullifying the election, we’re not canceling the election, and we’re not saying this didn’t count,” Van Haren said, adding that she’s called a meeting of student representatives to see how best to move forward.

According to KTVU, Van Haren said she’s considering adding more positions to the student government in an effort to make it more equal.

Here we have a state warden thug who is imposing her views onto her students.  But she forgets one thing that every poor student in her little dominion ought to understand.  “Fair” is subjective.  That’s why all civil societies have a court system.  But tyrants and thugs can’t abide with such things.  Democracy is not fair unless they like the results.  Their ideas of “fair” must be imposed onto everyone, which, as most of her students might guess, is itself not fair.

But one thing is for certain, she is ensuring that the poor students who are placed in her dominion are learning the realities that will be coming their way.  They are learning that “democracy” is a sham, and that there are powers that stand above their votes and constitutions to whom they must submit.  They are also learning that it doesn’t matter what the person you vote for thinks, but rather what they look like, because in the end they have no real power anyway.  She is teaching them that any sense of “democracy” that they may experience in their future lives will only be by the consent of the oligarchy tyrant class.  And with her institution filling the minds of so many with a message of submission, I’m positive that they will need to understand that much, if they understand little else.

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Reason 32: Because Diversity Is Conformity, And You And Your Child WILL Conform

From News Weekly

They don’t want diversity but to impose conformity

Whether a story comes from Australia, Great Britain or Florida, it is the same mindset because it is a Western mindset.  This story is from Australia, but it could just as well be from the buckle of the “Bible Belt”.  It is a story about bullies accusing of bullying.

It seems some parents still hold out that their children can get a good education at the state’s school house without the indoctrination.  So when the state does what it does, which is to subject the children in its charge to propaganda films–this one happens to be about the glory of homosexuality–some parents want to opt out and according to one senator, that’s bullying.  Evidently “bullying” has morphed into the new-speak.

Tolerance is another word that has become new-speak.  It once meant… well to tolerate.  But you would do well to understand that word in its new-speak as “accept”, because acceptance of the state’s values is the only thing that will be tolerated.

HT, Glenn Chatfield 


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Reason 14: Because Secular Humanism Is No Match For Islam And It’s Too Stupid To Know It

Muslim Parent Warns School Board ‘We’re Going to Be the Majority Soon’ as Meeting Gets Heated and Security Is Needed

Please know that America has an established religion.  It’s called secular humanism, and it is the accepted religion in public schools.  Secular humanism is fine with underling religions, but those religions must acknowledge the state as the final arbiter of ethics.  Another tenet of secular humanism is pluralism, which stands to reason.  The state embraces every society, but still insists on its own supremacy.  Therefore, in the pluralist society’s mindset, to suggest assimilation to the immigrant is considered a bad thing, especially when the pluralist already hates the nation that the immigrant is immigrating to.  Besides, by the very nature of pluralism, there is nothing to assimilate into anyway because the concept is as vacuous, as its foundation, relativism.  So immigrants cluster into anti-pluralist sub-cultures that are not relativistic by any means.  Not only will some not bow their knee to the state, the state will eventually have to bow their knee to the subculture.  The public schools, as can be seen in recent events, are always the initial battle ground, because they shape the minds of future citizens.  This is one great reason why just about any other way to educate your children is a better way than the secular humanist’s way.

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