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Reason 290: Because Anyone Can Do It, The Bar Is Really Low

Are you qualified to teach your children? There’s a quick and easy test you can take to answer that question. Get up one night, say at 3:00 am, and walk through your house looking in all the bedrooms. If there are little children sleeping in the beds in those bedrooms, you’re qualified. God’s mandate was never for you to send your child to the state to have her indoctrinated into folly. His mandate was to you dear parent, to raise your children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

Somehow the state has sold us on the foolishness that they can do a better job of teaching our children than we can. They’re the experts, or so we’re told. And we’re morons, or so they imply. But the proof is in the pudding, which brings me to this article:

The Leftist Education-Media Complex

A bit:

If there is a more fundamental element to progressive ideology than the belief that the overwhelming majority of Americans are not only stupid, but wholly incapable of running their lives without progressive intervention, one is hard-pressed to imagine what it is. Yet despite all their self-professed brilliance, most progressives have blurred the critical distinction between two concepts that make all the difference in the world:

Stupidity — and ignorance.

And a little more from a teacher quoted in the article:

“In a dusty corner shelf of the room [in which I was substitute teaching] was a set of thirty-year-old textbooks from the mid-1960s. … I was astonished to find what I would now consider an upper-level college textbook under color of what in the high schools used to be termed ‘civics.’ … I spent the rest of the day in slack-jawed amazement, perusing what a student in a working-class town was expected to know before the mavens of education began tinkering with the curricula of our schools.”

One thing they’ve somehow tinkered with is plain old common sense, like in not knowing the difference between a male and female lack of common sense. Keep in mind the next time you feel insecure about your abilities to teach your children that the institution that claims to be the expert on educating those children are confused about what a male and female is, and which bathrooms they should use. I know that some parents are intimidated by the term “state-certified”.  In light of what is passing for intelligence in the institution these days, that seems downright odd to me. You’re God-certified. You were created for much more than to just procreate, but also to educate. Love is the most important ingredient in education, and that’s the one ingredient most lacking in the state institution.  Just do it. Your children will be better off, and so will you. Run, don’t walk, down to the madhouse and yank your children out of there.

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Reason 259: Because It Is A More Rounded Education

We tend to compartmentalize our lives. But when it comes to raising children that’s a fatal mistake. For one, it’s impossible. This meme, I think, says it all:

Screenshot (113)

This is compartmentalizing. We don’t send our children to the schoolhouse for religious teaching. We send them for an “education” as if the butchers at Planned Parenthood, the LGBT, the ACLU and the union thugs are only hanging out around there because they’re committed to making sure that your children know how to read, write and do math. No, they are committed to a rounded education. They are committed to their own future, even if they have to destroy the lives of children to make that future certain.

As for me, I have different plans.

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Reasonh35: Because a was Diversity Is ActuallynfhN yet I bought c saws a urn as Good an

-into-christians-presence-in-debate-class-to-speak-on-critical-thinking/” target=”_blank”>eatyChristian News:
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ISo the "presence" of a person is questioned, and an investigation begun, because of a worldview out of lock-step from the established religion of your friendly neighborhood state school.


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May 24, 2016 · 5:40 pm

Reason 246: It’s A Long Term Solution

Our world has come to the place it has, a world that argues about the definition of words “male”, “female”, “marriage”– but worse than that, words like: “good” and “evil”–not because people voted for the wrong leaders, but because people were trained to vote for leaders who were going where they want to go. There’s one ironclad law when it comes to representative government; a law that is as unmoving as the law of gravity. That law is “Politics is downstream of culture”.

Not in the wildest dreams of the poor soul struggling with an attraction to the same sex in 1950 would he have dreamed of redefining marriage to accommodate his deviancy. The thought of running for office with “marriage equality” would not have ever crossed his mind. Not so today. No, the person running today must be for the new definition of marriage, and he must reject the definition that has always been in place up until now. So what changed first? The government, or those who elect the government? That’s an easy answer, and if you want to know how an entire culture was transformed, you need look no further than that sprawling, windowless, flat-roofed, government building just down the street.

But there is a long-term solution. And that’s why I’m posting this meme today:

Screenshot (232)

What we’ve come to are two political parties that are vastly different in most ways, but which reject God. Sure, perhaps one more than the other, but both are increasingly God hating. Both candidates this year will only pay lip service to the God of the Bible and how he tells us to order a society. The will do this confident that those who are hearing what they want to be told will not know any better, such is the state of discipleship in homes and churches. They will pay bookoos of lip service about how they’re going to fix all the problems that have come our way as a result of rejecting God’s order. We don’t know what they’ll promise, but we can be sure it will mean more laws and less freedom.

So if you want freedom for your children, and especially your children’s children, you won’t let the power-hungry government-god/state anywhere near their precious young minds.

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Reason 189: Because You Can’t Legislate An Education, And The Institution Doesn’t Even Know It, Nor Does It Care

Centralized power. That, and more of your money is the answer to every problem; or so we are constantly preached to that it is. And when those solutions don’t work, then the solution is to do what hasn’t worked even more. Repeat as necessary until society is so corrupt, stupid and uneducated that they’re ready for government chains.

Here is a great article that speaks of these things:

Republican Dominated Congress Betrays Students

ESSA was cooked up by Republican Senator Lamar Alexander and Democrat Senator Patty Murray. It was passed by a Congress that at best can be called “White Flag,” a term Eagle Forum uses when Republicans are willing to give in to whatever the Democrats want. Despite desperate pleas from parents who took the time to read the bill, the Republican-controlled House passed ESSA with a vote of 359 to 64. The Republican-controlled Senate passed the bill 85 to 12. Many believe those who are supposed to represent the people are actually deceiving them, or too lazy to read the bills they end up passing.

Congress claims that ESSA reins in the power of the Secretary of Education. But under ESSA, according to Education Week, “States would still have to submit accountability plans to the Education Department.” Sounds like federal control. But not to worry because “a state could get a hearing if the department turned down its plan.”(Education Week, 11-30-15)

The public won’t know for a while how bad the law passed in December of 2015 is because they are being lied to by their representatives, by the press, and by many education think tanks and gurus that are praising ESSA as the undoing of NCLB. The talking points aren’t borne out by an actual reading of the 1,061-page law, passed within hours of its release by the committee that reconciled the House and Senate versions. The reconciliation committee stripped out every conservative measure that was previously included.

The article goes on, but the message is clear. The institution is doomed, and those who are subjected to it are going to get exactly what they paid for, a good old government education and indoctrination into slavery. But it doesn’t have to be this way for your child.

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Reason 180: Because You Don’t Want To Be Captured By The Institution’s Spell

I saw this recently and it sums up at least part of this blog’s main messages:

Screenshot (200)

We all get lured into a false sense of security that is meted out through the generations by those who lust for power. Anyone now living, regardless of their age, has grown used to the serpent in our midst known as the public school. Many are so used to its presence that they think I’m kooky for saying the things I do. I’m confident that history will prove me right. These poor souls have already bought into the idea of a benevolent government, run by benevolent men, with only our, their servant’s, best interest at heart. These state worshipers have a false sense of man’s goodness, and his capacity for goodness, especially if he is “government”.

But man is not basically good. Man is a creature of self-interest. This is true for me, you, company owners, employers, employees, teachers, administrators, and all who work in government at every level. It is that very self-interest that drives those in power to use the schoolhouse as a tool to ensure their power and the exercise of it.

The founders understood that the constitution was not a document suitable for slaves and serfs who look to government as their provider and healer, who worship government as their god, and who are ready to turn every aspect of their lives over to a government that presents itself as a solution to all their problems.

The schoolhouse is the state’s best and strongest tool for ensuring future generations of slaves. Don’t let your children be one of them.


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Reason 168: Because It’s Time For An Education Reformation


Caveat emptor:  While I agree that there is a great Satanic conspiracy, I don’t believe that there is a grand conspiracy conjured up and enacted by man. This video may or may not be produced by those who give man more credit than they ought by assuming that he is capable of a generations-long conspiracy to take over the world. Let me say this now: I am not a conspiracy theorist and I emphatically state that to believe along the lines of the modern ilk of theorists is folly of the highest order. Nevertheless, the numbers in this video, if true, ought to be freighting, and experience does seem to bear them out. I agree that it is time for an education reformation.

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Reason 166: Because Being A Homeschoolphobe Is A Real Problem

I have to admit, when we started on our adventure in education we were both more than a little daunted. There were all the stereotypes, academic fears and fears of failure, and why not, there was after all much at stake. But there was also my own memories of public school which, mixed with my love for my children, drove me forward into a land that was completely unknown and foreign to us.

Today we have a professor who has overcome his homeschoolphobia. He was open-minded enough to see things as they really are, and not as he was programmed by modern western society to see them.

The article  from the Chicago Tribune:

What Changed This Teacher’s Mind About Home Schooling

He begins by giving all the reasons he had homeschoolphobia:

… a child out of school deprives him of his essential right to a quality education, including access to tax-funded resources, highly trained teachers and specialists in each discipline, as well as intramural and extracurricular enrichment activities.

There is little oversight of home-schooled students in half of all states, including Illinois, where they never even have to take a standardized test.

I felt that the most important benefits missed by stay-at-home kids are socialization from peer group interaction, and the critical thinking and communication skills learned from small- and large-group dynamics in the classroom.

But then he encountered a homeschooled class member and all that changed. He gave three reasons why the homeschooled child performed better in his class:

First, she had escaped the collateral damage from 12 years of conventional schooling. I’m thinking of my own lost years in elementary school, as a bored-out-of-my-gourd pupil in a classroom of 48 or more students doing busywork most of the day.

So the schoolroom was still a novelty for her.

Secondly, she applied her experience of one-on-one learning to the classroom format, as though she were the only one sitting in front of me. This led to plentiful and uninhibited conversation, and other students followed suit.

Third, having been the only person to be called on for 12 years, she did not use the group’s mass as camouflage, or a barrier, but accepted every question, suggestion, lesson and instruction as her own responsibility.

Fourth, in home school she had daily conversations with one parent or the other about a myriad of subjects, whereas her texting, video-gaming, ear-bud-wearing classmates too often skated, side-stepped or escaped adult interaction much of their short lives.

As with all realities, outcomes will vary. But that raises the real question doesn’t it? What is the outcome you, dear parent, want for your child? With that in mind consider there are only three possibilities. 1) Your child will succeed in what you desire for him. 2) He will fail. 3) He will go his own way. In that regard you share the same worries and fears as the homeschooling parent. I would only ask that you hold the outcomes of homeschooling and the institution to the same standard. It seems that much of the institution’s colossal failures are not noticed, but any homeschooling failure is held up as a reason to reject it. Homeschooling is not chosen instead of the sure thing of a government education because government education has never been a sure thing.  And it’s even less of a sure thing in this present age, depending, again, on what you, the parent, expect.  For one, there are many ways your child can succeed and fail that are beyond the purview of academics. One can have academic success with great moral failure, for example.

So in the end if a child has two people who care for her, she is far better off being educated by those parents than by an institution fixated on its own perpetuation, and whatever the educational fad it has picked up and foisting on our children… like “Common Core”.

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Reason 160: Because Ignorant Citizens Readily Follow Shysters

I know you’ve seen the man-on-the-street interviews showcasing American ignorance in governance and civics. And to this I’ll add one more area of ignorance that proves to be just as catastrophic: economics. Together, widespread ignorance in these is a recipe for disaster for all but those who are bringing it about. It will be easy street for that lot. Preaching “inequality” these shysters will convince the civically and economically ignorant masses to vote them into office so that these shysters can cash in on some inequality themselves, and get unfettered power to boot. We can see this very thing already in our current Vacationer and Chief, a millionaire running around bemoaning to the poor masses who put him there that there’s no income equality.

But how does this happen? Well, to begin, Americans live in a special country unlike any other in the history of man. It’s rule of law was set up to frustrate shysters. But there is a work around, and the education institution is key to bringing it about. In short, you teach children from their earliest age that they live in a rotten nation. You teach covetousness,envy, instant gratification, sex, sex, sex, and more sex, and then victim-hood.  Finally you teach that they are all entitled to “their fair share”. By the time a child reaches voting age he will be ready to throw his unique founding and constitution in the crapper and will be ready to vote for promises of utopia.

Here is an article by David Davenport of the Hover Institute pointing out a “Crises In Civics Education“.

A few stats from the article:

The latest NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) test results from spring, 2015 showed that only 18% of 8th grade students were “proficient” or better in history and only 23% in civics or government.  Perhaps even more shocking, only 1% were “advanced” in history and 2% in civics.  Last year, a poll of 18-34 year olds found that 77% could not name one of their home state U.S. Senators.  A 2012 survey by Xavier University concluded that only one-third of Americans could pass the civics portion of the U.S. citizenship test, while the immigrant pass rate is 97.5%.

To not know what you have given to you as a heritage is to lose it. For those who want to enslave, that is the greatest idea ever. But for those who long to live free, it’s not good news at all. This nation will not be lost in a generation, nor will it be recovered. But if you do want your children to have a chance at the freedom you’ve experienced, then teach them at home. It really is this nation’s only hope. But more importantly than that, It may well be your child’s only hope.


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Reason 142: Because The Institution Has Disconnected Education’s Purpose From Education

First let me say that education is a good thing. That’s why I’m writing this blog in fact. Education is right up there with eating, marrying, cleaving, and producing children. But like all good things, the good thing can become an idol which is worshiped. Then the good thing becomes a bad thing. Education has no eyes and no ears, naturally it cannot see or hear. When we worship an idol, the Bible says that we become “like our idols”. So consequently, if we worship education, we find that we more and more become like it, not seeing or hearing.

One of the truth’s that the institution has forgotten, or perhaps more aptly put, that it can no longer hear or see, is that man is in a predicament. I have written about predicament on another blog in a post titled, “Economics = Blackmail”

A bit:

If I lie on the sofa, and never get up, I will die from lack of water. I must have water to live. Simple I know, but it is a harsh reality that isn’t often considered. I have to procure water, either by getting it myself, coercing someone else to get it for me, or doing without and dying. The number one implication here is that our existence requires the exertion of effort by someone in order for it to continue.

The bottom line is that unless education is directed toward production, it is useless. Education solely for the sake of knowing therefore makes one a leech on society. Knowing therefore how to use a condom, is not education. Or knowing that one ought to look at a man and see a woman, produces nothing.  Or learning how one might find the way in which he has become a victim of some sort, and then becoming very angry about that, and then exploiting others on account of it, is likewise unproductive.

Or, learning things that no one has any need of is also unproductive. Just because someone got that $150.000 education therefore, and enriched the institution and its minions while at it, doesn’t mean that that same one will not have to produce hamburgers to pay his rent. And because of the sorry state of education, many an education worshiping graduate has had to learn the hard way that the institution is not only a failed institution, it is a lying one too. In the end the institution got theirs, “so flip those burgers boy and pay those you borrowed from what you owe.”

On the other hand if one seeks to learn a vocation, which is another word for “calling” , and he seeks to learn how to fulfill that vocation, which will lead to producing something, then that’s great. It’s just simple economics. Of course the institution is a self-worshiping part of the god/state. It will, if it can, convince all in its charge that it is the passage way to a life of prosperity, sex and happiness, and that all should come to it, hat in hand, (full of cash) to earn its divine blessing.

But at home, parents are more down to earth. They are more likely to understand that production is the name of the game, not education. They will also know that to produce what lots of people are willing to pay for, and not education, is the purpose of education.



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