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Reason 125: Because The Diversity That The State’s Established Religion Has Embraced Is A Sham

Where is it written that “diversity” is righteous? Answer? Nowhere. So why all the fuss over the matter? Well, like most all other moonbat schemes, they’re cooked up in the minds of elitist who are convinced that Utopia is possible and they’re the bright lights we should follow if that Utopia is to be ushered in.  But it isn’t wise to follow those whose compass always points toward themselves.

So these self-oriented moonbats who are running your child’s school have taken it on themselves to lift up diversity as worthy of worship. The only problem is that they fail to honor their little man-made god by rejecting diversity, and here we see an excellent example from England from “The Christian Institute”:

Govt fears homeschooling parents are ‘poisoning’ kids

The Education Secretary has ordered officials to review home education in England over fears that parents could be ‘poisoning’ their children’s minds.

According to senior Government sources, home schooling is now “on the radar”, and they want to discover exactly how many children are taught at home, beyond the reach of inspectors.

Poisoning the children’s minds? Might I suggest to them a little different wording than “poisoning their minds”? Wording that I in fact dredged up myself from their own intellectual and moral swamp? Why not say, “we fear that these parents are exercising too much diversity by teaching their children to think differently than we want them to think?”

Of course elitists are masters at compartmentalizing. When they want you to abandon your strongly held beliefs they speak from the compartment of moral relativism and diversity. But when your thinking doesn’t line up with  their thinking, then they speak from the compartment of “poisoning minds”.  Worse, they are so internally oriented, I’m convinced that they don’t even know that they’re doing it. And these are the people who are running the schoolhouse in your neighborhood. In the end the children placed in their charge are sent into the world confused, which is as it should be if the goal is for them to serve and worship the state and their elitist masters.

I wrote an article years ago which explains that I’m not poisoning my children’s minds, I’m poisoning their wells. I’m actually pointing out this very sort of hypocrisy to my children. We actually make these elitists the butts of our jokes as we laugh at their absurdity. But the results of sticking any child under their tutelage is no laughing matter at all. It’s a tragedy.


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