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Reason 272: Because There Is A War, And Your Children Are Too Precious To Be Cannon Fodder

I’ve spoken here before of what I’ve termed the “Confederacy Of Evil”. The schoolhouse is not only a part of that confederacy, it’s central to its plans. We all ought to know that. For anyone who has not lived the last decade under a rock to not realize it is downright shameful.

I feel that I understand leftist, God-hating, baby-killing liberals. They devised their plans long ago, and they’ve executed them well. And I’m not talking conspiracy here. This is not some secret, smoke-filled, back-room-hatched plan. No this is happening above board in plain daylight for everyone to observe. There’s nothing conspiratorial about their plans, only evil.

That said, I don’t understand conservatives sometimes, and I’ll use this article to make my point. It is your typical conservative article, which is fine I guess. But the last sentence reveals why we are where we are.  This is the article:

New Pixar Film ‘Finding Dory’ is Rumored to Feature Lesbian Couple

Well of course. I’m always shocked when if realize that there are people who expect anything different from Disney. But I’d be even more shocked if Disney passed up an opportunity like a kid’s movie to preach its perversions.  Disney knows, as well as we do, that it won’t affect sales. Heck, people send their children off to actually be taught this stuff in the schoolhouse every day. Why would they give a second thought about a couple of cute little lesbians inserted into a child’s film? They know it won’t possibly do any harm to their bottom line.

But this was the one sentence in the article that caught my attention:

“Can’t we leave kids out of it?”

This is naive to the extreme. This writer doesn’t seem to understand that the “it” IS the children. There ARE no neutral zones. No one gets a pass, especially those who are the easiest to mold into the new way of thinking, which is 4 and 5-year-olds.

It’s this kind of thinking that helps us help them. We like to compartmentalize, and section off the segment of the population that leftist need the most, your children. But not their children mind you. Most of their children were butchered and sold for parts. No, they need your children. And the schoolhouse is set up for that very purpose.

There’s no way this father will ever let his children anywhere near the centralization of evil that is the schoolhouse. And I will do my best to teach them to understand how these people think, and to see the canyon-sized cracks in their logic and worldview. Of course,  to all who are still asleep, and who refuse to see what’s happening down at the schoolhosue I will only say, wake up! Before it’s too late.

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