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Reason 293: Because You Wouldn’t Throw Open The Doors Of Your Home For Just Anyone With An Opinion, Why Would You Do It WIth Your Child’s Mind

If you have bought the line that the schoolhouse down the street is all about education, you’ve bought a lie–hook, line, and sinker. The schoolhouse is like a fort with gates and gatekeepers. And those gatekeepers have the full power of the federal and state government behind them. They can and do deny entrance to any organization or people who might shed some light on the wool that is being pulled over the children’s eyes who attend there. But for those who are spreading horrible lies, like the butchers atPlanned Parenthood, who butcher children and sell their parts, the doors are swung open wide and the red carpet is rolled out.

Here is an article about a resolution passed in Portland Public schools under the guise of environmentalism. Never forget that when it comes to the public school, environmentalist support abortion, because humans are bad for the earth. And they also support Marxism, because too many people are using up too much of the earth’s resources. All of these groups and organizations support each other because they are each other.

The article:


From the article:

Portland Public Schools, the largest school district in Oregon, passed a Resolution on April 19, 2016 that ought to be called ‘How to brainwash 49,000 students and force teachers to teach communism’.

The objectives laid out in this Resolution are startling, revealing and directly aligned with the Green movement’s national plan, now underway, to politically indoctrinate America’s children.

The Portland Public Schools (PPS) Resolution No. 5272 is a “Resolution to Develop an Implementation Plan for Climate Literacy”. This Resolution gained national attention for banning books that question the validity of global warming claims. The Resolution states:

“PPS will abandon the use of any adopted text material that is found to express doubt about the severity of the climate crisis or its root in human activities.”

Your children are to believe that their government can actually adjust the temperature of the planet, if only… if only they will ensure that that government is given the power. They are to believe not only that their government can accomplish this god-like feat, but that it must  lest we all die!!! And for a thank you to your children for “doing their part” that same government will have the power to turn them into nice little slaves.

You want your children to know the truth while liars must suppress the truth. And the schoolhouse is a machine when it comes to suppressing the truth, a tool in the hands of those who have plans for the nation and your children.

But it’s still legal to educate them in a realistic view of reality. They don’t have to be given over to an alternate fantasy land that wherein god-like humans can make our climate better, and we can live life in peace and security with our Lords looking over us, and protecting us, and making sure that we never have a need. But it’s up to you to do this. No one else can, and no one else is going to.


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Reason 261: Because Religion Is Good, Unless It’s Bad

Your child will be religious. How do I know that? The same way I know that birds build nests. They were designed to build nests. They can’t not build nests no more than your child will not be able to not be religious. So you have only one question to answer. Which religion will your child eventually buy into?  That’s it. It’s a simple question, but also an oh so important one.

So what did the institution teach us about “religion”? That it was closed minded of course. Remember Copernicus?  The Crusades? The Salem Witch Trials? The inquisitions? The Scarlett Letter? Sure you do. What do all these have in common besides the fact that all concern religion? Bingo! You got it. They all deal with a caricatured view of Christianity, which as far as the state is concerned is synonymous with the word religion and excludes all other religions, especially Secular Humanism.

But what about throwing homosexuals off the tops of buildings, or honor killings or brutal misogyny? Sorry, wrong religion. That’s Islam. Please don’t confuse that with evil!

Or what about book burnings? Or academic tyranny? Or closed mindedness? Well… that’s only bad when one religion does it, as we can see here:

Portland school board bans climate change-denying materials

You see, when you’ve set out to suppress truth, then truth is dangerous. When you’re a liar truth cannot be risked. It must be suppressed. We must always keep a watchful eye out on ourselves above all lest we become the very thing we hate and not even realize it.

Make no mistake, Secular Humanism is a religion. It may come in the form of environmentalism, deviant sexuality worship, government worship, moral relativism, atheism and much more, but it is a religion. But what’s worse, it is the established religion of the US.  What I’m saying is that America is not only not a Christian nation, it is an anti-Christian nation. Who can go to the schoolhouse, look around a bit, and conclude anything else? It’s not what we say we believe that matters. It’s what we do. And what we do is indoctrinate children into a religion that is hostile to Christianity. Your hard-earned tax dollars are used to indoctrinate your own children into the religion of Secular Humanism. Deny it if you like, but deny it at your children’s peril.

So what do religions do? They suppress the truth because they cannot stand in the light of the truth. We can see it here:

In a move spearheaded by environmentalists, the Portland Public Schools board unanimously approved a resolution aimed at eliminating doubt of climate change and its causes in schools.

“It is unacceptable that we have textbooks in our schools that spread doubt about the human causes and urgency of the crisis,” said Lincoln High School student Gaby Lemieux in board testimony. “Climate education is not a niche or a specialization, it is the minimum requirement for my generation to be successful in our changing world.”

The resolution passed Tuesday evening calls for the school district to get rid of textbooks or other materials that cast doubt on whether climate change is occurring and that the activity of human beings is responsible. The resolution also directs the superintendent and staff to develop an implementation plan for “curriculum and educational opportunities that address climate change and climate justice in all Portland Public Schools.”

Only a religion would believe that only a few societies have the ability to change or alter the temperature of their planet. Yet that’s exactly where the schoolhouse wants to take your children. But know this. In the end, it’s not about levels of mercury. Indeed, no one denies that there was an ice age. No, it’s about resting power through fear. And there’s no better tool to put the fear of “climate change” in the hearts of your children than the very temple of Secular Humanism, the schoolhouse.

But your children don’t have to grow up this way, with constant exposure to just-so stories and outrageous postulations. They could grow up, trained in a good religion, your own. And they make even bring some sanity back into the this world, or at least raise the generation that will. Who knows? But I do know this. I would never willingly subject my children to this non-sense.


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Reason 218: Because Government Education Is In Freefall

Here’s a little joke. And as with all jokes, to be funny it must involve truth. This little joke, however, hits too close to reality to be funny:

Screenshot (218)

Secular Humanism, and its expression in multiculturalism, wrongly, an arrogantly wrongly I might add, supposes all cultures to have a willingness to submit to the god/state, and the rest of the elitist’s whacked out ideas of Utopia.  Islam will not submit. But it will make the secular humanist submit, which it will willingly do. We know it will willingly wilt in the face of belligerence and violence because that’s exactly what it’s doing right now.  And if they have their way, your children will be bowing to it too. And when Islam has its way, then any hope of sensible environmentalism will be lost for a long time.

Put your children on the ark, that is homeschooling. It’s still legal, and you and your family will be much better off for doing it.



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Reason 206: Because There Is A War On Children, And The Institution Is Part Of It

The truth is, even if the institution didn’t want to make war on children, it couldn’t help but do it anyway. It’s just the nature of the beast. It removes children from the family and puts them in a large, fenced-off, impersonal government building. It takes them away from their parents when they are supposed to be with their parents.

This is a great article that speaks to this:

The West’s War on Children

The article goes into the beach-landing environment that is the modern-day womb where most are cut down before reaching shore by abortion and abortifacients. But those who do survive the womb are packed off to the institution and taught that their existence is a blight on an otherwise pristine planet.

It is a worthwhile read. Here is one excerpt:

We currently inhabit a society in which more people die than are allowed to be conceived and survive until birth. Such a society is fundamentally different, including in its child-centrism, from one in which new life is welcomed as part of the natural order. The children who succeed in being born today often are treated as precious items to be protected from all harm, affirmed, and made the center of attention in any reasonably well-off household—at least when that attention is given by professional “caregivers” in government, education, or the childcare industry. What these children are not is part of functioning families and communities, in which they learn how to cooperate, compete, and practice daily virtues. The result? Two generations of people who are too self-centered to enter into lasting marital relationships, choose life, and work to make better lives for themselves and their posterity. From children being the center of our culture we have reached a point where each child sees himself as the center of the world. Why? Because so few of us recognize ourselves as part (though not the center) of an ongoing tradition, an order of existence tying the dead with the living and the yet unborn.

Children are precious. I love them. It breaks my heart to see a war on them. But you can withdraw. You can rescue your child from the front lines.

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Reason 170: Because It’s Not A Matter of If The Schoolhouse Will Teach Morality

…the only question you need to answer is whose morality will it teach?  And to answer that question one only need look at the recent products of the education system, the so called “millennial” generation:

Not Recycling, Immoral; Viewing Porn, No Problem

Most Millennials feel that there is nothing wrong with pornography and that the real culprit of immorality is not recycling.

That’s one of the startling finds in a comprehensive Barna Group study done on pornography use among Americans and the Church.

Fifty-six percent of young people feel not recycling is bad while just 32 percent feel porn is bad.

Now where would these young ones have gotten an idea like that? Are you looking forward to having a child who demonstrates his “moral” acumen by ensuring that the boxes that his porn shipment came in are recycled?   Is that the best hope you have for your children? If it is, the schoolhouse is will definitely be on your side.

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Reason 149: Because Your Children Will Be Taught To Judge You Harshly According To A Hoax

Climate change is real. It gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer. There was once an ice age, now we are somewhere else in a very large and continuous cycle. But that said, the hubris of man and his institutions thinking that a few people can govern the temperature of the planet, and actually cool it off, is a spectacle to behold indeed. It just goes to demonstrate the futility of man’s vanity. But your child does not have to be indoctrinated into that hubris.

Youth Indoctrination: Climate groups using kids to promote alarmism [VIDEO]

Make no mistake, “Climate Groups” = “Marxist groups”. The goal is collectivism through the-sky-is-falling-and-we’re-all-gonna-die fear tactics.  And your children will be nothing more than tools in their hands… if you let them be.

In this article there is a video of a fourteen year old young woman, who is obviously an expert on global climate and it’s mean temperatures for the last ten thousand years. Either that, or she is simply parroting what she’s been told, and the line that she’s been indoctrinated into, because we all know a lie is more believable when it’s regurgitated from a “kid”, right?  What a shame for this young woman, to be given a cause in life, at such a young age, that is such a futile thing.

The video here:


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Reason 33: Because Religious Holidays Still Exist In Your Child’s School, Only It’s A Different Religion

Behind the image of “Mother Earth” is all sorts of evil.


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Reason 31: Because There Are Absolutes, And Children Need To Know That

If your children are being “educated” by the state, they are being indoctrinated into a vacuous worldview.  Their ears, minds and hearts will be filled with undefinable words like “social justice”, “wealth disparity” and “climate change”, to name a few.  But worse, even words that were once definable will morph into emotion based expressions of illogic.  Words like, “judge”, “tolerance”, “love”, “fair”, “peace”, “liberty”, “diversity”  and even “right” and “wrong”, which once had meaning, will cease to mean anything except what the state wants them to mean.  Within the confines of an apparent formless value system absolutes are established.  Absolutes like, it is absolutely true that nothing is absolutely true.  It is forbidden to forbid.  It is absolutely wrong to impose your ideas of right and wrong onto another, and so on.

In public school your children will be immersed in a world where the reference point for all values is supposed to exist between the ears of each individual.  But that is an illusion.  The real reference point is the state.  That is the reason God is not allowed.  It is because even the concept of God interferes with the state’s forming of your child’s mind. And while each mind is programmed to think that there are no absolutes, or sources of absolutes, the state is at the same time defining what is absolute.  In fact that is the goal.  It is after all, indoctrination.

So what is the goal?  Utopia of course.  Elites think that if they can finally run the world, and train children to become their idea of model citizens, that peace on earth will finally reign.  They see themselves as little gods and your children as specimens upon which to experiment.  If that sounds like a grand idea to you, then public school is a panacea for you when it comes to raising your child.

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