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Reason 338: You Don’t Train Soldiers During Combat.

But you do train them for combat. This is an article written from the perspective of training your child while at the same time sending her to the schoolhouse:

   Key Things Skeptics Will Say to Shame Your Kids for Being Christians

Did you ever stop to think about how arbitrary some things are? Like, when does a boy become a man? The answer? Why 18, of course. Why 18? Because the government says so. Why does the government say so? Who knows? It’s an arbitrary number pulled out of a magical hat somewhere. The reality is a little different however. Adulthood comes much earlier than 18 for the human being. Exactly when varies, but one thing we can know for sure, a five-year-old is not an adult. But that’s about the time most parents, after giving that five-year-old approximately zero training in fighting the good fight, throws her into combat. And then they are surprised when that child grows up and proves, after it’s too late, that she’s already gone.

This article looks at three key accusations your child will face starting very early in her education, and in ways that are cleverly disguised. And even though I disagree with some of the underlying philosophy, I think this article is worth reading. The three accusations are:

  • You’ve been indoctrinated
  • If you allow yourself to think critically, you’ll see there’s no reason to believe in God.
  • Christians are less intelligent than atheists. Studies show it.

In the first one the author and I part ways. It’s my position that all human beings are indoctrinated. I certainly have a doctrine, and I teach my children in the ways of that doctrine. Secular Humanism is a doctrine also. And the schoolhouse will teach your children that doctrine. But either way, your child will be indoctrinated. The only question is, by whom?

Since human beings have a way of seeing themselves individually as the reference point from all things in this world are measured, then they see themselves as neutral. So then, if anyone has a different doctrine on life than their own, then that person is seen as different. Throw in the fact that the schoolhouse indoctrinates into group-think, then the individual’s worldview, which is almost exactly the worldview of every peer, is affirmed by the culture. The young person, therefore, immersed in Secular Humanism and the campus culture only thinks he is thinking critically. If he truly was thinking critically he would see that his thinking is based just as much on faith as the person he sees as an uncritical thinker. He is simply holding as “known” that which is not known, but is only believed.

The last one begs for a defining of terms, like, what is meant by intelligence? It would seem to follow that those who have been exposed to the schoolhouse the most would be the most indoctrinated into the religion of Secular Humanism. So it would only follow that the measure of a person’s “intelligence” is a standard set by Secular Humanism. But think about it. A person is born with a certain level of intelligence. A few have a high level of intelligence, most find themselves in the bell curve, and then some poor souls are simply not very smart at all. So what is the young Christian child to do? Will she be judged as intelligent if she rejects her parent’s relligion, because, you know, that would be the smart thing to do?  Well of course not. That would be silly.

The bottom line is this. When you send your young children into the schoolhouse, you are sending them into a combative situation that no child is equipped to handle, and that no child should be forced to handle. The stakes are incredibly high. It’s not as if the worse thing that can happen to a person is to get a substandard education in this short life. No, the worst thing that can happen will happen in the life that is to come. And the saddest thing of all is, the schoolhouse is going to give your child a substandard education anyway.


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