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Reason 238: Because A New Fad Ain’t Gonna Fix A Blind Institution


Imagine walking out to a car with no wheels on it and standing around it are hundreds of experts giving their explanation as to why they think the car isn’t working. And imagine that each expert is invested into his own answers, trying to sell it to the wards and masters in exchange for critical acclaim and cash. But also imagine that not one of these experts is willing to acknowledge that the real problem is the lack of wheels. He can’t acknowledge that because the whole concept of “wheels” is forbidden. That’s the institution today.

The fact is that the institution at one time did a stand-up job of educating children; back before “wheels” was banned from being thought about or considered.

So now we have another fad brought to us by another expert. It will, of course, render no results other than perhaps to bolster the founder’s ego and bank account. Why is that? Because the institution still won’t have any wheels.

The problem, you see, is not that children have never been able to get in touch with their emotions. The problem is sin, just like it has always been. And there is one way to deal with sin and put wheels back on someone’s life, and that’s through the blood of Jesus. But don’t try to tell this expert that. To make that case is to admit man is not all he cracks himself up to be; it is to admit that he is not ultimately in control and that he is working within the framework of a higher order than himself. That just will not do. And he will exhaust all your resources, the nation’s resources, and even the world’s resources; and he will have no problem destroying your children, to prove that one little point.

He will love data, but at the same time, he will refuse to see the data that points out the skyrocketing problems in the institution since the early sixties when it was given a blank check to try one scheme after another, with mounting cost and mounting evidence that the whole thing was headed to the dump.

But it’s still, miraculously, legal to opt out; and that’s is, of course, the best option.

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Reason 237: Because When It Comes To Raising Your Children, You’re The Expert

This article informs all of us something that I already knew:

Texas School Triples Recess Time And Sees Immediate Positive Results In Kids

A small excerpt:

“There was a part of me that was very nervous about it,” said first-grade teacher Donna McBride. “I was trying to wrap my head around my class going outside four times a day and still being able to teach those children all the things they needed to learn.”

I love the word “needed”. Needed? Says who? The expert bureaucrat, that’s who. And why do they need it? Because there’s a Common Core test that must be passed, that’s why. And why is that important? Because there are hordes of data-mesmerised bureaucrats in some windowless office in D.C. somewhere that “care” about it.

One of the first things I learned as a homeschooler, however, was that homeschooling is easiest when the children are youngest, and it actually takes very little time of sitting in the torturous desk.  This teacher is working under a false notion that her students are just machines that need data entry. But they’re not. They’re human beings. They were not designed by their creator to be confined to a desk for 6 hours a day. This teacher is not only not allowed to think that they were created by a creator, she is supposed to think that the god/state has all the answers and it must never be questioned.

But when you keep your children at home you will learn that they are never not learning, even when they look like they’re playing. But don’t try to tell that to the experts. Just realize it yourself, and raise healthy, well-adjusted children.


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