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Reason 253: Because It’s More Rational

I’ll never forget the movie “War Of The Roses” about a couple going through a particularly nasty divorce. In the heat of the battle, the husband (Michael Douglas) was in his lawyer’s office (Danny Devito) explaining to him his outrageous and cockamamie scheme for living in the same house during the divorce battle. The lawyer looks at him and asks incredulously, “This… this seems rational to you both?” It’s only about 10 seconds of the movie, but I will never forget it.  (Click here and go to the 53:50 minute mark if you really want to see the clip.)

I see the same thing going on in the government school. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

Kindergartner suspended for bringing bubble gun to class

The article includes a news clip in which the anchors actually refer to a bubble gun as a weapon. Any sane human being would look at the institution and ask, “and this… ahhh, this seems rational to you?” But the institution is sticking by their guns … pun intended. You know, policy and all that. And we should expect that they would because in the final analysis, it’s not about guns. It’s about slavery. And whoever heard of an armed slave.

On the other hand, guns are not feared or hated in the Wright Family Acadamy Of Science, Liberal Arts, Math and Liberty. Neither or other weapons like baseball bats, cars or kitchen knives. That’ because in our academy we teach that tools are inanimate objects and that people can be very wicked, especially when the same people who control how people will be indoctrinated also control armies, which, last time I checked, has some really really big guns.

So I must ask. Does sending your child to an institution that does this, and lots more, for 30ish hours a week of indoctrination seem rational to you?

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Reason 215: Because The Schoolhouse Doesn’t Know The Difference Between A Good Gun And An Evil Man

When you are in a society that worships the god/state, then the god/state is the only one that can be trusted to carry a gun. A policeman, therefore, at the schoolhouse, with a gun, is A-okay. A dad, not so much. Because only those certified by the state to be righteous enough to be armed are righteous enough to be armed… unless the righteous policeman is protecting himself against a black thug, then perhaps not so much. But we won’t talk about that because it gets too confusing. Suffice it to say that people don’t kill people, guns do, and so guns are evil… or something like that.

So here we have a man free to carry his weapon onto the schoolyard. But the schoolhouse pretends that the man is evil, because he has an evil gun. No, he’s not shooting up the joint like so many others have done. In fact, they would be fortunate to have him there to protect them in case one of their students or graduates happen to take their survival-of-the-fittest mantra to heart.

But we all know the score. It has nothing to do with the gun really but rather it has everything to do with an armed citizen, who ought to be an unarmed slave, which is the ultimate goal of the schoolhouse.

Fascinating read:

When Dad Brings Handgun Into His Toddler’s Music Class, School Officials Can’t Legally Stop Him. So Here’s What They Do Instead.

A bit from the article:

And the school’s response to the father’s actions — all procedural, WOOD-TV reported — has been extensive: Police and administrators escorted the armed father to and from the class, and while he’s there the school is on lockdown.

Hmmm. If only Columbine had thought of this. Don’t raise your boys to be a castrated little serfs, not knowing the difference between a tool and evil. Keep them home, and teach them to respect all tools, including those used to defend freedom against despots and tyrants.

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Reason 192: Because When It Comes To Protecting Your Children, The Institution Is Hypocritical

An interesting little meme today.

Screenshot (208)

“Gun free zones” are a stupid idea. And as stupid ideas that are also politically correct ideas go, they are fine for your children, but not for the ones who impose them.

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Reason 74: Because Your Home Is Not A Gun Free Zone

Any old madman with a gun can walk onto just about any government school campus and shoot kids like pickles in a barrel. Any deranged kid can do the same. And he can do this with no fear of retaliation because he knows it’s a “gun free zone”, because he knows liberal do-gooders are in charge of it.

Not so at home, unless you want it to be. Here , from Breitbart, we have a story of a 13 year old who takes on home invaders while alone in his home. One of the invaders is killed and the other is captured by police.

It happened early in the afternoon, while most 13 year olds are at school. The story doesn’t say whether or not the boy was home schooled, but it makes little difference. The boy was in his home and is now alive and one of the intruders is in the morgue, and he is now dead. His associate is in custody.  A dead boy with the culprits at large did not happen.

Of course the state has no problem with your child being shot to death at its institutions. I know, I know, they wring their hands over it every time it happens, but they have the means to deter it, but they don’t. No, your child murdered at school is a crises that the state doesn’t want to let go to waste. It can use your dead child as leverage to separate would be serfs from their only means to keep themselves from becoming serfs, their guns, and that’s their main objective, which is quite different from yours. And that difference ought to be enough to bring them home, where they are loved and protected.


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Reason 58: Because The State Knows That Only Unarmed People Can Be Enslaved

Photo from The Federalist Papers Article

History is replete with stories of slavery. Sometimes it involves groups and races, and sometime it involves entire nations.  All of these stories have one thing in common. Slaves are never allowed arms. That’s because armed people make poor slaves. Answer for such a problem? State institutionalized indoctrination and Common Core, which are two names for the same thing.

First,  teach children that government is a benevolent god-like entity capable of god-like feats such as creating wealth out of thin air, changing the temperature of the planet, and ensuring prosperity and security… only if “the people” will give it complete power. Teach that it only wants to protect its “citizens” from those evil corporations.

Second, hide the fact that most of those evil corporations and the government are in collusion, and then vilify the corperations who don’t tow the party line.

Third, concurrently teach children that their lives are ultimately meaningless; that they are nothing more than blobs of matter arranged to be who they are by happenstance, just wandering around on the third rock from the sun which ultimately exists in a vast, cold, dark emptiness called “space”. They need to know that there is no truth that restrains and that they are free to do whatver the meaningless electrical impulses shooting around in their skulls are telling them to do. Surely some will take that teaching to heart and will have a little “survival of the fittest” fun shooting up their fellow classmates like fish in a barrel. Of course for maximum effect make sure there’s no one who can intervene with a “gun-free” zone. Why pretty soon they’ll be begging their “benevolent” caretakers to protect them from themselves and take away their guns.

And last of all, distract them with lots of sex, hook them up to the idea of changing the temperature of the planet and make sure that each child can find his own reason to be a victim, and they’ll never see what’s happening to their poor minds.

From the Federalist Papers

SHOCK: What Common Core Is Teaching About Guns

I disagree with this title by the way.  There’s no shock. If there is for you, then that’s nothing compared to the shock coming your way when the state’s done with your child. But in any case, the article starts aptly:

There is a certain group of people who have charged themselves with the re-education of our children via the use of propaganda and emotional politics.

And then later:

“This guide shows that the common core philosophy of education is coming to all schools.” Alice Linahan, founder of Voices Empower, a grassroots organization that opposes Common Core, told “It’s a shift from teaching fact to teaching attitudes, belief and behavior.”

Well put. Well put indeed.

Love your child. Prepare him for liberty and not for slavery to a bunch of government, permanent vacation-class elitist.

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Reason 45: Because Lying Is Bad, Especially When Those Who Teach Your Children Incorporate Lies Into Their Education

Elitists are ever looking forward.  In their minds Utopia is just around the corner if only all the stupid people would just do what they tell them to.  But there is no Utopia. The whole thing is a lie. There’s only slavery to the state.

If there’s two things the elites hate, it’s the military, because they use guns against other sovereign states that ought to be left alone to butcher their citizens as they see fit, and citizens with guns, because they keep their own state from butchering the citizens as it sees fit.  And of course the ever elusive Utopia will not arrive until both are done away with.

One of the ways that the elites will bring about this heaven on earth–and of course there are many ways– is to ban the citizen’s ability to smite his fellow man from a distance.  In other words he wants to forbid gun ownership.  Of course the state, being almighty holy and righteous and all, will exempt itself, because if there’s anything an elitist fears more than anything, it’s being attacked by the subjects of his social experiments with no way of defending himself.

For now, the subjects still believe that they ought to be able to defend themselves from the wayward thug elements of their fellow man. So that must be fixed. Guns are to be seen as evil.

So here we have a story of a school banning the 21 gun salute because it glorifies both the dreaded military and evil guns. And there’s no way your masters are going to allow your children to see either in a positive light, lest they grow up thinking that things like nations, military protection and guns are a good thing. From the story:

Administrators at Belle Plaine High School in Belle Plaine say the facility will no longer hold their annual Veteran’s Day assembly on school grounds, claiming the event’s traditional 21 gun salute “promotes gun violence,” according to NBC affiliate KWWL.  (KWWL as sense removed this story)

And of course there are those who are upset; not that it will do any good. Your friendly neighborhood school no longer belongs to the citizens. It is a state indoctrination center, and that it would be deaf and blind to the citizen’s wishes, traditions, or anything else the state has decreed unsavory, should not surprise anyone in the community. What surprises me is that actions like this by the state surprises anyone at all.


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