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Reason 262: Because You Don’t Want Your Children To Be Idiots?

First a caveat. I’m sure there are children who have been homeschooled that are this clueless. And we can assume that some of the people who knew their history were not homeschooled. I have no problem with that. But what would people say if most of the homeschoolers being interviewed were this  ignorant? Well, that’s not the case, so I guess we’ll never know for sure. Yet we kind of do know… don’t we?

Still, there’s one thing I’m confident of: that most, if not all, of these people spent 13 years in the institution. And it was there that they got their “education”.

It would hurt me bad if my children were this ignorant, even at their current young ages. But what would hurt me more is if their compass always pointed inward, and they became laws unto themselves and were set on a course of destroying their lives through one bad moral decision after another.

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Reason 205: Because The Institution Teaches A Different Culture

Here’s a great article from National Review regarding the Federal segment of your child’s government education. That segment has a name. It’s called the “Department Of Education”, a bloated, evil bureaucratic powerhouse charged with turning your child into a government worshipping slave.

Central planning works no better in education than in economics.

It seems President Obama has elected governor of the province of education. The vote to confirm John King Jr. was a party line vote with the usual “Republicans” voting with the Democrats. But there was a lone senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, who voted against his confirmation who happens to hail from the same state as King. This was her reason for voting against him:

“King’s tenure in New York,” she said, “was very adversarial, leaving families, students, and teachers without a voice on important issues.”

But there’s something odd about this man, and I honestly don’t know what to make of it. The bad blood revolves around Common Core, which King is, of course, a supporter of. But he’s managed to alienate his fellow lefties somewhere along the line. The article goes on to say why some others from New York didn’t want King to head up the indoctrination of your child:

The issues to which [Gillibrand] refers are those surrounding the Common Core curriculum. King’s support of Common Core irritated not only Senator Gillibrand, but the leftist Network for Public Education, the New York State United Teachers union, and a gaggle of Republican congressmen — one of whom said that King’s unbending support for the Common Core curriculum had “resulted in the near-destruction of public education in New York State.”

In this little blip on the radar of the destruction of America, this article sets the table for an account by Benjamine Franklin of an interaction between Virgina and the Iroquois Indians. After a treaty was signed between Virgina and this tribe, in an act of good will the Virginians offered to education 12 of the Iroquois sons. I’ll let you read the article, but what struck me was the fact that this was an intersection of cultures. As you read this article keep in mind that the institution’s campus down the street is a different culture than yours. It is a vassal, or colony, filled with the likes of John King Jr. You are not sending your child to a culture like the one outside the fenced-in compound. These Iroquois Indians understood this. And in the same way the Virginians would not be willing to send their sons to be trained by this tribe, the institution will not let you train any of the children inside the compound down the street. You will find them very picky about what they will allow into the minds of those put in their charge.

But you don’t have to let the state steal your child’s mind. You can always elect to teach them in the culture of your father’s.

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Reason 160: Because Ignorant Citizens Readily Follow Shysters

I know you’ve seen the man-on-the-street interviews showcasing American ignorance in governance and civics. And to this I’ll add one more area of ignorance that proves to be just as catastrophic: economics. Together, widespread ignorance in these is a recipe for disaster for all but those who are bringing it about. It will be easy street for that lot. Preaching “inequality” these shysters will convince the civically and economically ignorant masses to vote them into office so that these shysters can cash in on some inequality themselves, and get unfettered power to boot. We can see this very thing already in our current Vacationer and Chief, a millionaire running around bemoaning to the poor masses who put him there that there’s no income equality.

But how does this happen? Well, to begin, Americans live in a special country unlike any other in the history of man. It’s rule of law was set up to frustrate shysters. But there is a work around, and the education institution is key to bringing it about. In short, you teach children from their earliest age that they live in a rotten nation. You teach covetousness,envy, instant gratification, sex, sex, sex, and more sex, and then victim-hood.  Finally you teach that they are all entitled to “their fair share”. By the time a child reaches voting age he will be ready to throw his unique founding and constitution in the crapper and will be ready to vote for promises of utopia.

Here is an article by David Davenport of the Hover Institute pointing out a “Crises In Civics Education“.

A few stats from the article:

The latest NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) test results from spring, 2015 showed that only 18% of 8th grade students were “proficient” or better in history and only 23% in civics or government.  Perhaps even more shocking, only 1% were “advanced” in history and 2% in civics.  Last year, a poll of 18-34 year olds found that 77% could not name one of their home state U.S. Senators.  A 2012 survey by Xavier University concluded that only one-third of Americans could pass the civics portion of the U.S. citizenship test, while the immigrant pass rate is 97.5%.

To not know what you have given to you as a heritage is to lose it. For those who want to enslave, that is the greatest idea ever. But for those who long to live free, it’s not good news at all. This nation will not be lost in a generation, nor will it be recovered. But if you do want your children to have a chance at the freedom you’ve experienced, then teach them at home. It really is this nation’s only hope. But more importantly than that, It may well be your child’s only hope.


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Reason 155: No One Should Allow Their Children To Grow Up As Ignorant As The Institution Will Make Them

This video is just rich. It is of a young lady in man-on-the-street-interviews, asking questions like, who won the civil war? But she’s not on a high school campus, which would be bad enough, but on a college campus. All but one person shown doesn’t know the answer to her questions, but they do know the answer to pop culture questions. This is sad, yes, but it should also scare us.

Sure, anyone could highlight only the worst cases to make a point. But this is a well known college campus, Cal Polytechnic. One would think that there would be a “well rounded” education going on. I’m going to go out on a limb here also and guess that these students are just as ignorant about economics and thinks that the ever-failing socialist systems are the only way to go. Just a guess though.



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Reason 146: Because Self Loathing Is Not Helpful For Your Child

Here is a great little article from Salvo that strikes at the heart of modern liberalism, and its designs on your child’s worldview:

On Compulsory Mis-education

In this article Cameron Wybrow works off of a quote from a mid twentieth century critic of American society, Paul Goodman. His quote is a list of the historical structure that has brought us the Western Civilization that we now know. Then he gives modern education’s response to Goodman:

In response to Goodman’s list, the contemporary educator would say something like this: “The Greeks—sexist. The Bible—sexist and homophobic. Christianity—sexist, homophobic, and guilty of the Crusades and the Inquisition. Science—betrays a masculine, domineering, destructive attitude to nature. And the rest—spawned by dead white males, hence patriarchal.”

For the modern intellectual, Western civilization can do almost nothing right. It deserves close to complete condemnation.

It boggles the mind to think that anyone would look at a time of great prosperity, achievement and freedom with such hatred. But that is the self loathing mindset that your child will learn in the institution, and in so learning it, he will toss it away as garbage, and with limp wrists, bow to his intellectual betters who are promising Utopia.

True history and a proper understanding of the condition of man will go a long way in helping to avoid the slavery that is sure to come. But the only way that’s ever going to happen is if you deny the state access to your child’s mind.



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Reason 111: Because Casting Off Tradition Is Not Education

There’s an old saying, “No matter where you go, there  you are.” And we can tailor this to the education institution’s insanity too. “No matter what tradition you cast off, there will be a tradition that needs to be cast off”. So here we have an elitist product of the institution doing exactly what the elitist institution has taught her to do.

From Breitbart:

A report states that Eujin Jaela Kim, a public school principal in Brooklyn, has banned virtually all celebrations that run afoul of far-left political correctness.

From the New York Post:

Santa Claus is banned. The Pledge of Allegiance is no longer recited. “Harvest festival” has replaced Thanksgiving, and “winter celebrations” substitute for Christmas parties.

So your child can’t be taught to pledge allegiances, because allegiances are based on nationalism, and nationalism leads to war.

And your child can’t be taught gratitude, because gratitude suggests there is one to which we owe gratitude who is above the state. Can’t have that!

And your child can’t be taught about Christmas, because Christmas points to a Savior, and a Savior suggests the need for salvation, and the need for salvation suggests that man is not basically good. Can’t have that!!

If there’s a tradition, no matter how old or engrained in the human psyche, they’re going to try to cast it off. It will go on and on because what they really hate is what is in their own hearts. Little do they know that the children they teach will eventually cast off the tradition of casting off tradition, and will probably settle on a religion that is willing to die for the very cause of America hating, Jesus hating, Jew hating that the institution was too cowardly to admit existed in their hearts in the first place.

This is foolery of course. People are going to be people, and the institution is not going to train people to not be people. The only question that remains is what WILL they succeed in training children to be? It’s all a grand experiment, and only time will tell. But just remember that your child is precious, and you don’t have to send him to the social laboratory to be experimented on by moronic elitists who think themselves wiser than they ought.


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Reason 13: History Matters

Liberal Teacher Claims THIS President Racist, Demands School Be Renamed

Because renaming your school every 10 years or so as culture wanders through its own moral maze seems like a great idea.


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