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Reason 216: Because Undoing What The Institution Does Is Harder Than You Think

I thought this meme was apropos for the institution. You think you can teach your morals while the school teaches its science. That is foolhardy thinking. Little Johnny might not learn much science. But you can bet he’ll come out of the system as a solid secular humanist, ready for serfdom in the god/state empire. And who would know that better than one of the first and most worshipped secular humanists of all?

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Reason 206: Because There Is A War On Children, And The Institution Is Part Of It

The truth is, even if the institution didn’t want to make war on children, it couldn’t help but do it anyway. It’s just the nature of the beast. It removes children from the family and puts them in a large, fenced-off, impersonal government building. It takes them away from their parents when they are supposed to be with their parents.

This is a great article that speaks to this:

The West’s War on Children

The article goes into the beach-landing environment that is the modern-day womb where most are cut down before reaching shore by abortion and abortifacients. But those who do survive the womb are packed off to the institution and taught that their existence is a blight on an otherwise pristine planet.

It is a worthwhile read. Here is one excerpt:

We currently inhabit a society in which more people die than are allowed to be conceived and survive until birth. Such a society is fundamentally different, including in its child-centrism, from one in which new life is welcomed as part of the natural order. The children who succeed in being born today often are treated as precious items to be protected from all harm, affirmed, and made the center of attention in any reasonably well-off household—at least when that attention is given by professional “caregivers” in government, education, or the childcare industry. What these children are not is part of functioning families and communities, in which they learn how to cooperate, compete, and practice daily virtues. The result? Two generations of people who are too self-centered to enter into lasting marital relationships, choose life, and work to make better lives for themselves and their posterity. From children being the center of our culture we have reached a point where each child sees himself as the center of the world. Why? Because so few of us recognize ourselves as part (though not the center) of an ongoing tradition, an order of existence tying the dead with the living and the yet unborn.

Children are precious. I love them. It breaks my heart to see a war on them. But you can withdraw. You can rescue your child from the front lines.

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Reason 196: Because Only Dead Fish Float Down The Institution’s River Of Distruction

Imagine, if you will, a university professor way back in 1965 proclaiming that it is evil for anyone to oppose two men getting married; or that it was evil to stop a boy who is “confused” about his gender from being allowed to use the girl’s locker room at the schoolhouse. That was a short half century ago, yet we know that that professor would have been considered mentally ill for suggesting such things at that time. So how did we get from the mores of 1965 to today’s morality? Well, the answer is sitting just down the street from your house. It’s a big government building with a flat roof and a fence around it. No matter where you are as you read this, there’s a good chance you’re within walking distance of one of these buildings. And it was inside these buildings that the changes took place, almost imperceptible to those who were not paying attention; to those who trusted that institution because it was the same one that they were indoctrinated in themselves. But little by little, precept by precept, line by line, the schoolhouse changed the thinking of a nation to accept what ought not be accepted.

That was then. This is now, and now we have a story, from the author of Outlasting the Gay Revolution, that looks at the new army of “gay bullies” that are the fruit of the institution. He discusses the goings on in universities around the Western world mostly, but as you read his work, keep in mind a couple of things. First, To be qualified to work in your neighborhood’s  government building, a teacher must be “certified” by these universities. Second, the changes you’re experiencing have not occurred, they are occurring. We are not living in a static reality that exists now in post-Christian America.  We are living in the midst of dynamic times. There is no destination for the institution’s much touted “progress”, only movement… down the river if you will. The indoctrination going on now is just as “cutting edge” as it was back in the forties when the children were being prepared to become the secular humanists by which the roads were paved for the  Supreme Court to overstep it bounds by “outlawing” prayer in school, or in the fifties when children were being prepared to accept the killing of innocent human beings in the womb, and so on… and on…  it goes. While you, dear parent, are simply fighting the present, the institution is preparing your child to accept its abominations in the future.

So keep this in mind as you read this article:

As Predicted, Here Come The Gay Bullies

But also keep in mind as you read that it’s not just “gay bullies”. It’s transgender bullies, wealth redistribution bullies, atheist bullies, anti-family bullies, pro-centralized government power bullies, anti-gun bullies, racism bullies, pedophile bullies, planned parenthood bullies, and more. And when you send your child to the bully instituion you are also sending your child an unspoken message that says, “dear child of mine, I accept these bullies.” So don’t be surprised to discover that your child has floated down the river, like a dead fish, that you put him in. Best to swim against the river, and the best way to do that is to not put your child in the rapids in the first place.


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Reason 190: Because The Old Schoolhouse Ain’t What It Used To Be

Here is a meme quoting the late Frank Zappa. I assume Zappa was a liberal. There is nothing in his “art” that points to an ultimate creator of beauty, or an objective standard of beauty. But still, he at least understood that trashing the document in which our rights are enshrined, even if for the moment trashing them might help us in a given cause, swings the door open wide for despotism. And I’m fairly sure that door has already blown off its hinges, thank you in large part to the schoolhouse and it’s century-long indoctrination process.

Screenshot (203)

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Reason 180: Because You Don’t Want To Be Captured By The Institution’s Spell

I saw this recently and it sums up at least part of this blog’s main messages:

Screenshot (200)

We all get lured into a false sense of security that is meted out through the generations by those who lust for power. Anyone now living, regardless of their age, has grown used to the serpent in our midst known as the public school. Many are so used to its presence that they think I’m kooky for saying the things I do. I’m confident that history will prove me right. These poor souls have already bought into the idea of a benevolent government, run by benevolent men, with only our, their servant’s, best interest at heart. These state worshipers have a false sense of man’s goodness, and his capacity for goodness, especially if he is “government”.

But man is not basically good. Man is a creature of self-interest. This is true for me, you, company owners, employers, employees, teachers, administrators, and all who work in government at every level. It is that very self-interest that drives those in power to use the schoolhouse as a tool to ensure their power and the exercise of it.

The founders understood that the constitution was not a document suitable for slaves and serfs who look to government as their provider and healer, who worship government as their god, and who are ready to turn every aspect of their lives over to a government that presents itself as a solution to all their problems.

The schoolhouse is the state’s best and strongest tool for ensuring future generations of slaves. Don’t let your children be one of them.


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Reason 165: Because The Whole Idea Of Public Education Has Gone Mad

Here is a quote from John Taylor Gatto:

“I wonder how many more centuries we have to see this playing on in front of our eyes – before we say something crazy’s going on here. Is there an idea more radical in the history of the human race than turning your children over to total strangers, who you know nothing about, and having these strangers work on your child’s mind, out of your sight, for a period of twelve years? Could there be a more radical idea than that? Back in Colonial days in America, if you proposed that as an idea, they’d burn you at the stake – you mad person – it’s a mad idea!”

Once a few generations have sent their children to a good, trustworthy, public school system, like those in the beginning, public school becomes so normal in society that it’s considered a crime not to participate. That’s when the schoolhouse becomes a tool in the hands of those who have other plans for your nation’s, and your children’s, future. Look around you. How did all that is going on come about? You answer that question every morning when you send your children off to the indoctrination center.


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Reason 161: Because, Please, Don’t Let Your Children Be Taught This

Here is the video:

And here is the article:

Watch the ‘White Guilt’ Video Shown to High School Students That Has Some Parents in an Uproar

…and a bit from the article:

“Dr. King gave his life so that America would be a place where we are judged by the content of our character not the color of our skin,” radio personality Craig Johnson told WWBT-TV. “Now we have poverty pimps being led by our current president Barack Obama who all they talk about is the color of skin.”

If I’m to believe this video, then I should have been born into a rich family, just because I was born white, and all blacks should have been born into a poor family, just because they’re black. But I don’t believe this video. Not because I, as a white person, was not born into a rich family, but rather because the video is one dimensional, and is designed to foster hopelessness and rage. It’s one dimensional because it falls prey to the secular humanist mindset, which believes that we are all material, and that material wealth is all that has meaning. This is a deception for the humanist, and is a lie to all man kind. I had an advantage far greater than a rich heritage, I had a mother and a father who both did their best to show me how to live. I will never forget my father, in response to my natural boyish slothfulness, and in an angry voice yelling at me, “The world don’t owe you nothing son”! I didn’t understand what he meant then. I certainly do now.

But there’s another dimension that escapes this video, though it’s understandable again, because secular humanism looks from the present outward. It judges everything according to what is now, and is oblivious to history except as it’s interpreted according to the present mores. That history existed thousands of years before the first black slave was ever imported to the American continent, complete with the enslavement of all kinds of people and races, is totally lost on them. They cannot escape the present to understand the mindset of the early settlers no more than they can understand the mindset of the Roman legions raiding the savage barbarians, plundering their villages and taking slaves. In their hubris they they seem to think that everyone always should have lived as righteously as they think they do now, as if right and wrong never existed before they came along to set everyone straight.

But this video fails mostly because it propagates hopelessness. It preaches to all blacks that they simply can’t make it, and it preaches to all whites that blacks can’t make it because whites can make it. And given the total destruction that liberalism brought to the black family, the video is self fulfilling, because the worst thing that can happen to anyone, no matter what color their skin, is to be raised in a godless, broken and fatherless home, and to be sent to the institution for a daily dose of secular humanism, purposelessness, hopelessness and rage in the context of a campus culture of purposelessness, hopelessness and rage.

You really need to remove your children from this environment, whatever it takes. If you are black, then all the more.


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Reason 148: Because Think About It, It Makes No Sense If Freedom Matters To You

A free society is an anomaly in the context of history. Man wants to become ruler over his fellow man. He wants to impose his will for lots of reasons. It could be the hope for some Utopian society that he thinks he can bring about. It can be for the gathering of money by gaining the power to fleece his neighbor. It can simply be because he loves power. But the bottom line is, a free society is not a given.

But when one was born into a free society, and has lived in that society in the midst of the prosperity that freedom brings, he can take it for granted. After a few generations he will play fast and loose with his freedoms, and begin to let them be stolen.

Here is an excellent article that explores this line of reasoning from the Christian Post:

Why Not Send Your Kids To The Government Schools? 

He gets right to his point, and mine, in his first paragraph:

I often ask people, “Who in his right mind ever thought it made any sense whatever to entrust to the government the shaping of the minds of the people by whose consent it is supposed to govern?”

Rarely have they entertained that question before, but usually they get the point immediately: Government-run schooling is a sure path, however long or short, straight or winding, to tyranny. Let the government determine curriculum, and ultimately it will determine what citizens think and how they vote.

No wonder Marx and Engels included “free education for all children in public schools” as the capstone of the Ten Planks of their Communist Manifesto.


It is a revelation for some that they themselves have had their thought forms, their narratives, metaphysics and epistemology handed to them by this institution. I know I did, which is why I’ve done everything in my power to keep the state and my children far apart.


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Reason 145: Because It’s Indoctrination, Stupid

Because someone can play pretend that they’re someone else, and recite lines written by someone else, that doesn’t magically turn them into an expert on education.

Here in a little heartwarming video we have the soothing voice of Morgan Freeman telling us of all the wonders that the idol of education is going to achieve… some day. But that’s always the case isn’t it? It’ll happen someday. Meanwhile pay no attention to the degradation that continues today.

The institution is committed to its Utopian ideas, and it will not be dissuaded. What are those ideas that they hope to put into your child’s mind? Take a look:

It all sounds good. But unfortunately it isn’t going to happen. But if you think turning your child into a zombie chasing the dreams of rich, Godless, liberal elites is the greatest thing ever, then the government school is definitely going to be a cozy fit for you.


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Reason 141: Because Public Education Is A Threat To National Security

Here we have one of the best articles I’ve read on the subject of public education. Here’s an excerpt that explains the title, but please click over read the article. It doesn’t get much better than Doug Wilson:

[The biggest] threat [to national security] is an uneducated public. By “uneducated” I do not mean “unpropagandized,” I mean uneducated. I am not talking about a public that has not yet seen the compelling new ads about the koala bears on ice floes, but rather the public that was never taught to think properly growing up.

This is because whenever we are faced with any threat, real or imagined, our leaders are going to start holding press conferences, and they are going to start talking nonsense to us. Our responsibility as a citizenry is to laugh at the nonsense and turn our attention to that lonely fellow on the end of the stage trying to make an argument. It is our duty to know how to follow an argument, to know how to distinguish fact from fiction, to know what history means, and to be able to resist the lies of the demagogues.

In short, this means the greatest national security threat to our country today is the government school system.

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