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Reason 331: Sanity Has Left The School Building

I’ll let this article speak for itself:

De Blasio Suspends School Sanity

The insanity spoken of is the fix instituted for the unequal distribution of classroom suspension among varying skin pigment rates.

This can be filed under, “fixing fixes that were fixes to fixes that were meant to fix reality” What reality was being fixed, you ask? Patriarchy. The family, and fatherhood, were seen as the problem. Why? I don’t know.  Something to do with power, which liberals, along with material wealth, have an inordinate fixation on, as if those two are the end alls of the end alls. And I guess if there’s no God, and we’re all simply flesh machines created by chance over eons who are responding to stimuli, that power is about all there is.  The real problem is more than likely something to do with what Paul of Tarses was talking about when he spoke of the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. When the father is taken out of the home, regardless of the amount of pigment one’s skin has, the results are entirely predictable. So it only follows that when more fathers, who happen to have more skin pigment, abandon their children then it should be expected that those same children will have more problems. It really is that simple. All one needs to look at is the out fo wedlock birthrates and their association with skin pigment, and there you will see a cause and effect relationship.

But you don’t have to send your child off to this. Sanity is important. Your child will need a sound worldview and a sound mind in the troubled world that the elitists are preparing for him. The best gift you can give to him is that. Things are not going to stay the same. Your child will not grow up in a world anything like the one you grew up in, even if you grew up only twenty or thirty years ago.


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Reason 287: Because The Institution Is Not Local, It’s Lawless

When you see government as an entity that “allows” you to do something, you have a slave mentality. I heard a student say on a You Tube video once that the school “allows” him to pray at the flagpole. So again, you can see how that student has been indoctrinated with the proper slave mentality.

The constitution is not a document that befits slaves. It doesn’t “allow” you to do anything at all. It “allows” government to do things. And anything it doesn’t allow is illegal for the government to do. Of course, that’s no longer the case because most people have been trained to one degree or another for slavery. And slaves don’t hold their masters accountable to the law. No, on the contrary, the masters hold the slaves accountable to their capricious whims. America is more and more becoming a nation with a slave mentality, thank you dear schoolhouse for indoctrinating the masses into a slave mentality. Your task it almost complete except for a few holdouts like me.

And here is a story about one of those capricious whims:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System To Force LGBT Agenda Over State Law

For thousands of years, no one questioned the fairness of girl’s and boy’s restrooms. But all of a sudden, even in the midst of us being under attack by a violent religion, it’s the big issue of the day. And now a school system in North Carolina, which the federal government does everything in its power to “allow” (not really) local control, has to choose between two masters based on the most capricious of whimsical decrees.  Who would have guessed which master they would choose?

Today, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system announced that it will stand in defiance of North Carolina’s recently passed law, in regards to keeping bathrooms and shower rooms gender segregated, and with the new school year, all schools in the system will be required to allow males to shower and use the bathroom with girls.

Your master will ask you politely in the beginning to engage in its fantasies. But in the end, it will use the iron behind its velvet glove to crush opposition. It will force you to refer to men with feminine pronouns.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools sent a message to all principals Monday: When school opens in August, transgender students will be called by the name and pronoun they choose. That chosen gender identity will be honored in restrooms, locker rooms, yearbooks and graduation ceremonies, according to a new regulation released Monday.

Of course, this has a name. It’s called lawlessness. And lawlessness never goes well. This will never do. You can dream you can float and cut off your legs, but that doesn’t mean that you will actually float. No, you’ll only wind up being a dual ampatee, “floating” around in your wheel chair. And likewise, you can’t make boys into girls by calling them “she” and throwing a dress in him. But the institution that you send your child to for an education is diluted enough to think that you can. And if it has its way with your child he will become just as confused and diluted as the institution that is training him, both of which are slaves to the master.

Is this the loving thing to do?

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Reason 260: Because You Want To Train The Heart According To Reality

There are two different philosophies when it comes to education. One is to enforce your will on the outside and hope the inside will come along behind. The other is to just change the inside, that is to say, to change the heart. We think the latter way is not only the right way but the only way to educate.

In this age, there seems to be a preoccupation with what a person does and not so much with what he thinks. We are told to, for example, refer to some men as a she even though we know he’s a he. We’re told to deny reality and create an alternate reality. We are to pretend that what is not, is.  With this philosophy, Law and coercion are king because it’s the externals that matter.

But we believe that it is the heart that must be trained. Sure, I don’t want my daughter to dress like a prostitute, but more than that I want my daughter to not want to dress like a prostitute. One requires law and external coercion. The other requires heart training. Keeping this in mind lets look at an article I found:

School District Ignites Controversy With Proposed Restrictions on ‘Leggings,’ ‘Skinny Jeans’ and ‘Other Excessively Tight-Fitting Pants’

It seems the schoolhouse is upset about what those poor souls placed in their charge are wearing. But It’s not because their attire makes them look like prostitutes and hoodlums. The way those in the schoolhouse see it, their choice of clothes is causing bullying. Who’d of thought?

But I found this comment by a parent most interesting:

“If bullying is the impetus, do a better job of teaching the kids to be nice. Don’t tell them how to dress.”

Here’s a parent who gets it… well kind of. He understands at least that it is the heart that needs to be trained. But he’s totally confused about who’s job that is, or to what higher order one should appeal in order to discover what “niceness” is. Apparently he’s fine with an institution that invites human butchers, God haters and the depraved in to help train his children, but he still wants them to train his children to be nice. Unfortunately, that’s what the institution actually has plans to do, but he might be surprised one day to discover that his definition of “nice” is different than the institution’s definition.

But that’s just it. Goodness and niceness are words that appeal to an order that supersedes our own wills and desires. It is not nice or good to lie. I think we all get that. But it’s also not nice to lie to someone with psychological problems by telling him that he doesn’t’ have a problem.  And it’s not nice to lie to those who know he has a problem by telling them that they’re the ones who have the real problem, then teach ohters to start calling those who now have the new problem not-so-nice names like ______phopes.  It’s not nice to teach generation after generation that they don’t have to think critically, that all they have to do is to call people names, and label them evil when those people have ideas that are different. In short, it’s not nice for a small group of people to turn the masses into slaves, which is exactly what all of this kind fo teaching prepares them to be. For the slave, the institution IS the higher order.

But the higher order supersedes the institution. And unfortunately for the institution, the higher order has always been, and it will always be. It is the reality. As for me, I’m teaching my children that they don’t get to decide right and wrong. They can only abide by it, or rebel against it. But I also do my best to train them to desire to abide by it. And dear friends, no institution can or will do that for you, nor were they ever meant to according to the higher order. This is one job, if you want it done right, you’ll want to do it yourself.



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Reason 220: Because The Effects Of The Schoolhouse Compound Over Time

The effects of compounding interest are an amazing thing. A small amount of money receiving interest over a lifetime will explode. The schoolhouse is similar. The Facebook video below kind of makes my point. It is of a woman shooting her children’s iPhones with a shotgun. But she seems oblivious that the problem is not with the iPhones but with her children. But Most likely, if she wants to dig deep enough she’ll find that the problem is even deeper than that. To get at the root of the problem, she might start by looking in the mirror.

What she will see in that mirror is a daughter of Adam, and there’s only one cure for that. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that she was raised in the Bible Belt, which is unfortunate in some ways because that region gave people a sense of morality without the source of morality. She was probably sent to the schoolhouse her whole life and taught there that the only acceptable source for morality was the god/state while the true source, God, was hidden and forbidden. She was probably raised by parents who were exposed to the same thing, but to a lesser degree. Now she’s sending her own children to the same schoolhouse, and she now thinks she can turn all that around by shooting their phones. Here’s the video:

“I Hereby Denounce Social Media”

It wouldn’t surprise me if she spent her childhood in the Church where a lot of moralism was taught, but very little repentance and Jesus. My advice to her is to take a long look into that mirror, realize who she is before God, and then repent and beg for His mercy. Then, and only then, might she have a chance at salvaging her poor offspring, who are already young adults, and have already been steeped their entire young lives in secular humanism.

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Reason 116: Because Child Abuse Is Not Education

Here’s a great article written by  , found in “The Federalist”. Please take a few minutes to read it, then run, don’t walk, down the street and rescue your precious children.

Here is the first paragraph for a taste, but the entire thing deserves to be read:

Parents, It’s Time To Realize Big Government Is Your Enemy

In Scotland, six-year-old Daniel McFadyen‘s mother insists he is transgender ever since she found him gesturing at his privates in the bathtub with scissors when he was three. Even though these parents have other sons and must have seen them all playing with themselves (boys do this, as any parent of a male toddler can tell you, and it means nothing), this will now likely result in him taking “drugs to postpone puberty as well as hormone treatments, and then have gender realignment surgery” at age 18. So now we have state-encouraged and -sponsored child mutilation, and not in a Muslim country but a Western country.


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Reason 110: Because What Your Child Is Taught Can Come Back To Haunt You

Here is a little meme that I thought was appropriate:

Why would so many people knowingly send their children off to an institution where they will be taught a utilitarian view of human life while at the same time knowing that they will become old and feeble one day?

Man has historically looked to his children for care during his elderly years. Not that anyone necessarily had children for that reason, but it was understood that parents would be advocated for, protected, and provided for when they grew too old to work, their children.

With the current social system resources are simply taken from the productive by force, sanitized from the knowledge that it was healthy productive offspring who produced them, and then handed over to the aging entitlement minded masses who also happen to be dependable voters come election day. This provided the offspring the allusion that they could shed responsibilities involving the care of parents, and it also gave them the fool-hearty notion that having children was a dreary waste of precious time.

But the whole thing is a sham; a sort of ponzi-scheme-for-votes program cooked up in a Cloward-Piven type laboratory by short-sighted elitists convinced that Eden wasn’t all that difficult to achieve.

With several generations passing through the institution where this mental disconnect between the producer and the god/state benefactor has been indoctrinated into young minds, society now considers the idea of raising children as drab and passe. So many don’t bother. And those who do bother get them out of their hair as quickly as possible by sending them to the institution to properly indoctrinated. And then one day they are shocked to learn that the utilitarian state they helped to create due to their lack of utility.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you. It is wise to save and invest for the future. But those investments don’t all have to be financial. The god/state will go broke, and your financial investments will be confiscated. The god/state is investing in its future too you see, by ensuring that the institution indoctrinates your children to serve it, not you. Your children are one investment that you should keep for yourself… for your children’s sake for sure, but for your own also!

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Reason 95: Because The Institution Is Facist

Before I start let me remind you that the student in the article below is just a student. She cannot write law. She cannot enforce law. She cannot even vote for law. She’s not even a subject of the state as much as she is a child of a subject. Only the state can put laws on the books or take laws off the books, or enforce the laws that IT has put on the books. This truth is so quickly forgotten in discussions involving illegal immigration, and it’s forgotten by design.

Statist love to feign helplessness by pretending that laws come from some magical source, and that they, the statists, are just as much victims of law as the next slave.

So we have here a poor girl here who must have been told something by someone about free speech. And she’s learning that that freedom is only a freedom at the pleasure of the statist institution called her public school. Here is the story from Breitbart:

A High School cheerleader in Revere, Mass., is being benched for the rest of the season as punishment for her post on Twitter about illegal immigrants.

“When only 10 percent of Revere votes for mayor cause the other 90 percent isn’t legal,” Caley Godino posted on Twitter reported Boston’s Fox 25. The post was “a response to a tweet from her teacher about the low voter turnout for November’s mayoral race. Caley says she meant her tweet as a political comment, not a racial one,” Fox 25 reported…

Students complained about Godino’s post on Twitter, so the Revere Superintendent Dianne Kelly stepped in and told Fox 25 that the school district “believes in freedom of speech, but cannot support what she calls insensitive language.”

“If you’re going to stand up and say something that other people will find offensive, then you need to be prepare to deal with the ramifications of that,” the superintendent declared.

What a great setup for turning children into slaves. First, write law. Then invite people to break that law. Then when people complain that the law is being broken enforce laws that are not written anywhere at all on that person. When the children get older they will have ceased to think in terms of laws, but rather in terms of the whims of their lords and masters in the big state. And that’s exactly the way the state needs them to think.

Sorry, it might costs my children a thing or two to remember freedom, and to seek to restore it. But it is my hope that  they won’t be listening to the sorry tunes being played by the state pied piper as they march mindlessly into slavery.


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Reason 61: Because Your Children Will Be Surrounded By Fools

Human beings are born as idiots, every last one. That’s why a sane society doesn’t let 3 year olds drive cars. But in time they grow up, maybe even mature some… we hope. Even NPR, which sees the education institution as the saviour of the world, thinks so.  But in the meantime unwise children are corralled together with hundreds of other idiots, isolated from the real world, and supervised by a few adults, many of whom are still idiots themselves. And we label the whole mess “education”.  Worse, this institution is administered by people who are wringing their hands because they can’t figure out which bathrooms the children should be using. So, they’re worse than idiots because even a young child knows that boys use the boy’s bathrooms and the girls use the girl’s. So here’s a glimpse inside the asylum:

Question. Is it a good idea to put your child into an institution that has brought us this? An institution that is in its own right a separate and distinct subculture of idiots; anti-God, anti-authority and anti-wisdom?

You might notice if you endure the video that the institution has solved the coarse language problem in the same way it has solved school shootings. It placed a “No Cussing” sign on the bulletin board. Works real good doesn’t it?

Is this the norm for the classroom? Of course not. But think about something. It’s more normal now than it was. And it will be more normal in the future than it is now, because the institution has lost its way. Its main concern is for the institution. These kids are there, and that’s all that matters. The state will get its funds, the administrators will get their bonuses and pay, and in a few years these kids will be jobless and ripe for serfdom.

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